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    NASA redesigns supersonic commuter aircrafts, making them less noisy!

    The world of travel technology grieved when the Concorde aircraft was scrapped. Travelling at speeds faster than that of sound, the hook-nosed aircraft was grounded because of the fact that it worked out a little too expensive for the airliner … Continue reading

  • Pro CAD, the rain-beating canopy for wheelchairs

    The rains and the snow aren’t always a welcoming sight. For the few of us, these elemental changes can cause quite a lot of problems, especially those of mobility for those constrained to wheelchairs. Rains and light snow makes getting … Continue reading

    The mobile classroom educates the world, on-the-go!

    There are places in the world, so far flung, that education simply doesn’t reach its population. To solve this problem that has clouded the continents of Africa and Asia since quite a while now, one thoughtful designer named Stephen Reon … Continue reading

    Hyundai’s E4U is a revolutionary way to travel alone!

    The future is here and so are vehicles we’ve been envisioning and drawing on the back of our notebooks all along. Transportation modes have nearly transcended into what our predecessors imagined them to be. Well, we aren’t talking about flying … Continue reading

    BullTron bicycle concept uses an electric motor

    There are a few vehicle designs around that are inspired by biological forms and very often remind one of animals. Take this bike for example, designed by Joana Braga hailing from Portugal. The bike is called the BullTron and as … Continue reading

    Glance through these important points before deciding on buying a used car in Hyderabad

    India is a rapidly growing country. Its youth is becoming independent day by day thanks to the culture that multinational companies have brought in. youngsters are no more dependent on govt. jobs. In many cases the starting salary of the … Continue reading

    The Mercier-Jones hovercraft, a sports-car and a speed boat combined!

    When a vehicle is nick-named the ‘the Bugatti of hovercrafts’, you know you’re looking at history in the making! Behold, the Mercier-Jones hovercraft, a hybrid vehicle capable of adapting to road and water ways without a hitch. Travelling on a … Continue reading

    The aggressively power Turbo Camaro Coupe scares and awes Chevy fans

    If the Dark Knight ever resorted to using Chevys instead of Lamborghinis and atrociously powerful tank-like vehicles, here’s what his ride would look like. A matte-black-soaked Camaro, modified to the hilt, this vehicle was built to promoting the new movie … Continue reading

    The Bugatti Gangloff concept, inspired by the 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe

    Bugatti stunned the world with the Veyron supercar, crowned as the world’s fastest street-legal vehicle. Recently, we came across a concept that could very well be the next Bugatti! Called the Gangloff Concept, this one’s inspired by the 1938 Type … Continue reading

    MOVEO foldable scooter makes urban travel a breeze

    Tired of looking for the perfect spot to park your scooter? Well, the MOVEO scooter could indeed be the ideal ride for you! A compact scooter that gets you around the neighborhood efficiently, this one can be folded up and … Continue reading

    Halley VI, the walking research station, lays foot in Antarctic!

    We’ve heard of contraptions designed for transportation that are capable of being driven on ice. A full-fledged research station that literally walks on ice is unheard of! Like we all know, surviving in the Antarctic isn’t a breeze. This frigid … Continue reading

    X Grill, the stainless-steel kitchen packed in an oil truck

    We love stuff being reused, particularly vehicles that would normally be crushed into meaningless metal once retired. Watch out for this wonderful concept, a revamped oil tanker truck turned into a full-fledged kitchen on wheels! The truck, called the “X … Continue reading

    Audi unveils intelligent ‘swarm’ tail-light concept

    German automobile manufacturer, Audi, is known for its sheer innovation. The company recently unveiled an extremely fascinating touch given to a car, on unlike any seen before kicking away traditional tail-lights, Audi had installed on the boot of its car … Continue reading

    BigFoot, the tandem bicycle for four

    And if you think you’ve seen the best of tandem bike designs before, get a hold of this! The BigFoot is a concept by designer Stoth from Slovakia. A one-of-a-kind bicycle, this one allows up to four adults to travel … Continue reading

    San Francisco couple turns school bus into a home!

    Looking for an affordable way to reside? Well, quit looking for grounded property and settle in a mass of metal on wheels instead! San Francisco couple Richard and Rachel stepped away from the conventional and decided to turn a 39-foot … Continue reading

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