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    It’s a plan! It’s a flying bike! It’s Nicholas Petit’s Flug concept with the R1200 BMW boxer engine!

    Take a superbike, a helicopter and a fighter plane. Mix them all together with a dash of awesomeness, and here’s what you’d probably end up with. Called the Flug, which literally translates to ‘flight’ in German, this craft is a … Continue reading

  • Tandem pedal canoe allows you to enjoy boating without tiring your arms

    Tired of rowing that canoe up and down the pond? Well, you can now give your arms some rest and put your feet to work instead, with this easy-to-use and maneuver Tandem canoe designed by British engineer Joe Rutland. The … Continue reading

    SkyTran pods could solve Tel Aviv’s traffic woes

    Israel’s second most populated city, Tel Aviv, does have its fair share of traffic woes, with residents being subjected to gridlocked streets and traffic jams quite often. This sure makes getting around the city a downright pain in the neck, … Continue reading

    Be.e, the scooter made from plants

    Manufacturing contraptions these days doesn’t really require the use of steel and plastic and two revolutionary designers joined hands recently to prove the same. Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya of Waarmakers came up with the Be.e scooter for Van.Eko. This … Continue reading

    The TrailTrike, a three-wheeled 2-stroke monster

    We’re constantly on the search for cool things to get around in. there are times when we come across some pretty eye-catching vehicles, including bikes and cars, that leave us astounded and wishing that they hit production lines sooner or … Continue reading

    Zero Helicopter, a mini-helicopter design to fly around town

    At least a few of us have always wished to own a helicopter and fly to work or school. Given the fact that these machines are indeed a lot more expensive than a regular car and parking or landing these … Continue reading

    Beastie, a Kevlar-fiberglass bicycle that could soon be the world’s fastest!

    To be honest, the first time we stumbled across the Beastie, we really didn’t figure it out to be a bike. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, the Beastie is scheduled to be the fasted bike in the world. Made … Continue reading

    Turanor PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar powered boat, reaches New York!

    Those familiar with the world of energy-efficient modes of transport might be pretty well-versed with the Turanor PlanetSolar, better known as the world’s largest fully solar-powered boat. Known for using a shocking number of solar panels propped up on its … Continue reading

    Ford Figo: The Macho On The Run

    Ford Motors, world renowned auto makers have an impressive history of producing finest cars in the world. They have been producing cars since the black and white age. Their cars have successively brought them many laurels in the car market. … Continue reading

    Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas competition brings forth a horde of new aviation innovations

    French aviation giant, Airbus, teamed up with UNESCO recently to give aeronautics and engineering students around the world a chance to show off their aircraft-based innovations and the results could pretty much give the world of commercial airplanes a facelift! … Continue reading

    The Solar Impulse solar powered airplane flies for 10 hours, lands in Washington

    The aviation industry continues to watch wide-eyed as the world’s first plane powered completely by solar energy goes globe hopping. The Swiss-made Solar Impulse plane recently completed yet another milestone journey, landing in Washington. After this, the plane has one … Continue reading

    Solar powered wheelchair with a retractable roof rides green

    Solar power is turning into the modern world’s juice. These days, just about everything is solar powered, from mobile phone cases to cars to homes. Here’s a solar-powered wheelchair that brings the energy of the sun to the mobility impaired. … Continue reading

    The Kangaroo bike sports a new riding position for more cargo space

    Looking for a great way to head down to the grocery store and back home with your purchases, without having to resort to the services of your gas guzzler? The Kangaroo bike is the answer! A concept developed by Andrea … Continue reading

    Lamborghini Egoista, the impractical yet extremely beautiful anniversary concept

    Lamborghini has a way of shocking its fans with every release. The Italian supercar manufacturer recently unveiled yet another one of its jaw-dropping designs, a concept car built in celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary. Christened the Egoista, this car … Continue reading

    3D printed cars to hit city streets by 2015!

    3D printing is here and we can safely say that the technology has developed enough to be used to create bigger objects of day-to-day life, like cars! We’ve just heard news of the first 3D printed train to hit the … Continue reading

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