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    Buggati SAV Concept car

    Vincent Morin has just won my vote for a promising designer. I like him not for his name, and neither for his renderings…I love him for conjuring up a Buggati SAV, that looks classy and magnanimous as this. Now you … Continue reading

  • Electric Dauphin is a City Vehicle Concept

    The roads are getting narrower and the pavements, congested; how does a person get to work and back without the fuss of traffic and overbearing pedestrian? Well, Segway could be an answer, but wouldn’t that be too reckless for an … Continue reading

    Sunrise Concept Car focuses on ample natural light

    There have been many concept cars developed in the name of progressive technology, but very few are there that have a sever focus on design. The Sunrise is a concept car that was designed by the students of the Hunan … Continue reading

    Fanning Commercial Vehicle Opens Up to Host Exhibitions

    Imagine being able to tour on the road with all your exhibits in tow and holding impromptu exhibitions and interacting with the public. I guess every artist sometime in his career would want this kind of communication. Well let’s not … Continue reading

    LeafD concept vehicle encourages eco-tourism

    The LeafD concept vehicle by Bai Ran is a unique design specifically aimed at showing tourists the city-sights in a very non-conformist way. The design takes inspiration from the natural environment, specially leaves and flowing water. The fluid concept accommodates … Continue reading

    Nissan Shiraz concept is a cross between a sports car and SUV

    Spanish designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez (sexy name!) has designed and equally sexy car for Nissan, the Shiraz. This healthy cross between a SUV and a sports car won the designer a scholarship at a Master in Car Design in … Continue reading

    Futuristic Deus Motorcycle Concept uses exoskeleton form

    The concept of a futuristic bike always sees a pair of wheels teamed with a fusion body, but never has it seen the form of an exoskeleton using three wheels. The fantastic concept has showcased designer Jake Loniak talents, who … Continue reading

    Narai is a hybrid bicycle concept for the downtrodden

    When you don’t have the means to own a plush luxury car, then a handy jalopy will also do. But if life’s tough on you and a rattletrap is also out of your reach, then relying on a trusty bicycle … Continue reading

    The Ferrari Monza concept is a speed monster

    The Ferrari Monza has the aesthetics of a spaceship than a car but that’s not the only thing hot about it. According to designer Iman Maghsoudi the cars of the future will be able to touch really high speeds…in the … Continue reading

    Steamlife concept car steams out vapor hence pollutes little

    Designer Liang Tian really loves his green thumb, I’m sure he has one because his latest designs mirrors an eco-friendly drive. Although one may cringe at the thought of another car to the road, Liang’s design sees the use of … Continue reading

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