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    Christopher Hogan, RE60 Quadricycle Signature Collection at the 2014 Auto Expo in India

    Christopher Hogan , Australian artist and sculptor, was chosen to paint a unique art collection emphasizing the newest vehicle in Bajaj Auto’s stable, the RE60 Quadricycle. The introduction of the visual celebration for the Bajaj Auto’s new 216cc vehicle on … Continue reading

  • Supiore unveils a solar-panel-topped electric boat, the Uno

    Give a vehicle a shade of green and it’s bound to turn heads and grab attention quicker than the usual. Dutch boat manufacturer Supiore understands this ideology well enough to have come up with this swanky new water traveler powered … Continue reading

    This would be the “car of the future” if we were currently in the year 1950

    Let’s not call this the “car of the future”, like it’s intended to be. Instead, let’s call it a pretty decent attempt at creating an extremely outlandish car that not a lot of us would chose to show up in. … Continue reading

    Lexus unveils the extremely well chiseled LF-NX crossover concept

    Lexus has been known to churn out cars packed with exceptional amounts of luxury. This is just why the automobile industry is usually left surprised when this automaker unveils concepts like the LF-NX. Fondly referred to as a crossover concept, … Continue reading

    Toyota’s FV2 concept car makes friends with its driver

    Concept cars are made to look ridiculously futuristic on drawing boards. Most of these drawings aren’t completely brought to life when practicality comes into play. However, Toyota’s recent unveiling at the CES 2014 turned heads as the automaker showed of … Continue reading

    Butchers & Bicycles develops the MK1 tilt-action cargo tricycle

    Bicycles and tricycles with cargo units aren’t built to be fun and more often than not, these contraptions are cumbersome and aren’t really best taken around corners at higher speeds. Butchers & Bicycles thinks differently though and have come with … Continue reading

    The Chinese develop a train that never stops!

    The Chinese hate stopping, and this recent concept train design we spotted recently proves just that! While this may be nothing more than just a concept put down on paper and a digital drive somewhere in China, the very idea … Continue reading

    Elio Motors unveils a 3-wheeled energy-efficient ride for just $6,800 a pop

    Three-wheeled cars have never really been the most popular way to drive down to work, the grocery store or college. More often than not, these have been ridiculed, right from the Reliant Robin to the Peel P50. Things could look … Continue reading

    Canadian Tire builds drivable truck from ice!

    There are some things that last forever, and a few things that last only for one winter, unless you live in an extremely cold place that’s covered in ice for 12 months. One of these perishable but extremely cool man-made … Continue reading

    Jet-powered Bloodhound SSC car capable of achieving mach 1.4!

    When a vehicle’s named a Bloodhound, we imagine things are bound to get serious! And we certainly weren’t disappointed! Behold the supersonic Bloodhound SSC, a car-rocket-jet vehicle capable of achieving mach 1.4! While its creators call it a car, we … Continue reading

    China develops a concept train that doesn’t stop

    The Chinese hate stopping, and this recent concept train design we spotted recently proves just that! While this may be nothing more than just a concept put down on paper and a digital drive somewhere in China, the very idea … Continue reading

    Lightfog develops a bicycle that eats pollutants and gives out clean air

    We’ve always hailed bicycles as the best way to travel in modern society, given the fact that these simple contraptions allow us to get to destinations of our choice while helping maintain our physiques and keeping the environment clean. However, … Continue reading

    The WitStar autonomous car concept sports a tank full of goldfish

    The Guangzhou Auto Show in China recently saw the unveiling of one very special autonomous vehicle, called the WitStar concept. Besides the fact that this vehicle comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a Chinese concept car, … Continue reading

    Zee.Aero’s mysterious “flying car” project spotted in Mountain View, California

    The future is here but the world still continues dreaming of flying cars. While comic books in the 80s and 90s and the Jetsons cartoon suggested that flying cars would probably hit the surface of the earth by 2010, we’re … Continue reading

    Honda plans to unveil the fuel cell electric vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Hondas make great cars that often spike the interest of the younger generation. The Japanese automaker has given the world some of the most iconic rides, including the Accord and the Civic and will soon give us all a peek … Continue reading

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