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    Peugeot 1008 Lean Concept roars like a lion

    The concept is pretty clear and designer David Veldkamp is very explicit in his perception of the Peugeot1008 Lean. Likening the features to king of the jungle, this concept vehicle is like a robust lion on the prowl. Similar to … Continue reading

  • Bombo car, the perfect personal transportation for the future

    Like the buzz of the bumblebee, Bombo (Italian for a Bee) is a futuristic vehicle design that featured in the Michelin Challenge Design 2009. Matteo Sgherri, who’s been greatly influenced by the need to develop the perfect personal transportation, has … Continue reading

    Publi Bus a futuristic concept for public transport

    Going by the current trends in traffic conditions, I can safely assume that it’s only going to get worse in the future. Even the pedestrian traffic is on the increase, as people are getting wearier of traveling in private transport … Continue reading

    Redesigning the Renault 4L

    Childhood memories often influence us when we grow up and dominate our choices as well. For instance I always am partial to Panasonic products because that’s the first company whose TV we had. Likewise designer João Carneiro was influenced by … Continue reading

    Modular electronic retail minicar and system

    The idea of retail selling is to place the products in the right market and display the wares in the most appropriate fashion. The scenario changes when you are vending from vehicle and are dispensing wares from a very cramped-up … Continue reading

    Scarab Vehicle is the future for urban transport

    Coming up with an ingenious design that blends in the dexterity of a motorcycle and the stability of a car, designer David Gonçalves outshines the lot with the Scarab Vehicle. The aim of this project is to give us a … Continue reading

    Peugeot EVE is an eco-friendly car that emotes the driver’s mood

    Mood reflecting lights are something we have all heard about, but the Peugeot EVE is a concept that imbibes this feature thus reflecting a very swanky persona. Boasting of a very intuitive interface that senses the driver’s mood, the car … Continue reading

    Peugeot Cub is a tame cat with a green concept

    Tackling the dilemma of bringing in more cars to the road as opposed to pollution and traffic, designers are resorting to the most convenient aspect of designing eco-friendly cars. Eno Setiawan is no exception and his endeavor to provide us … Continue reading

    Go- a portable boat design

    The thought of a leisurely paddle down the calm stream is so refreshing, however not all of us are fortunate enough to either own a boat or have a car fit enough to tow one down to the pier. Designer … Continue reading

    Peugeot 6006 concept has green ideas

    In sync with today’s needs designer Nuno Teixeira has conceptualized the Peugeot 6006 to be an eco friendly vehicle. Made with recycled and light materials, like aluminum and polymers, the design intends the use of a powerful ceramics motor and … Continue reading

    Biker’s Paradise: Ferrari V4 superbike concept

    The biking history has seen many one-off designs that have either been commemorative or simply fantasies that regaled all biking fans. Ferrari too has had its fair share of concepts and commemorations, but this particular flight-of-fantasy seems to be the … Continue reading

    Xbox Ride for Peugeot, Microsoft goes the vehicle way?

    Arturo Millan is one hell of a cross branding expert. How else would you explain the Microsoft and Peugeot connection? Imagine designing a car for Peugeot on the lines of the Xbox theme! How original! His concept involves surfboards as … Continue reading

    Peugeot Design Contest-My personal Top 5

    Everybody is raving about the Peugeot Design Contest, which is a platform that gives young innovative designers to show-off their talents and skills. Of the 29 finalists, I have my personal favorites too and have complied a Top 5 list. … Continue reading

    Mercedes-Benz Concept Fascination hitting the Paris auto show

    Here’s a look at the Mercedes-Benz Concept Fascination. It will be making a debut at the Paris auto show next month. The video here showcases typical car show stuff: light electronica over moving pictures in which the car itself never … Continue reading

    iBike, The Apple Bike Concept

    What goes on in an individual’s mind while designing a portfolio is quite difficult to comprehend; did Venezuelan designer Juan Pablo Zamora want to cash in on the Apple fame? Did he want create his take on the company, or … Continue reading

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