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    Non-polluting LIBRIS Taxi, a boon to urban commuting

    In many parts of the world, the most polluting vehicle on the road is a commercial transporter. I don’t know if this norm holds true for Latin America, but the region will be pleased to know that designer Alberto Villarreal … Continue reading

  • Freight*BUS is a new beginning in urban transportation

    Its common to be herded as cattle and horses in urban transport systems. And the best thing about is, that people are so used to the routine shoving, that no one complains any longer. However this all may change when … Continue reading

    Honda FC Sport Concept for those with eco-sense

    In the future, we can expect a slew of eco-friendly cars that will imbibe modern technology plus futuristic designs. A part of this bandwagon will be the Honda FC Sport Concept, which was seen at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto … Continue reading

    Shorty and Sporty, chic urban transportation

    Just because its an electric car, it doesn’t mean that it cant be a mean-machine. Ask designer Raul Frollàand he’ll agree with this. His Shorty and Sporty is meant for those who enjoy zipping around in their cars. A neat … Continue reading

    Soul is a sentimental car interior design concept

    In a bid to flash your life in front of your eyes and make your tread down memory lane, designer Dalim Seo has conceived the Soul. It’s the interior design for a can and is truly unique. The belief that … Continue reading

    Peugeot Leonin

    We have come across many Peugeot cars in the past, but here is one that looks as dashing as ever. A concept by Tudoran Liviu, the Leonin is a handsome design that was entered in the 5th Peugeot Design contest. … Continue reading

    Magnetically Accelerated Global Car

    Taking on the green-brigade with a new concept in vehicles is Scott Anderson with his MAGic car. The unique name is thanks to the magnetic acceleration that the car features. As put by Scott, MAGic has a unique package with … Continue reading

    Grasshopper bike hops open in a jiffy

    Fold&Hold gave ample seating even while riding a busy tube, but the Grasshopper is here for a different purpose. It’s designer David Gonçalves (best know for his Scarab Concept) endeavor to present us with a truly compact bike that will … Continue reading

    Ferrari Zobin Concept Car looks like a paper-rocket from top-view

    A vivid imagination is all it takes to design the next perfect Ferrari and designer Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi has hit the nail on the head with his Zobin Concept. This single-seater aerodynamic sports car takes inspiration from the Ferrari Formula … Continue reading

    Jeep inspired Jeep

    The last time I saw Jeep inspire something, it was a laptop, but looks like someone has been finally been inspired by the vehicle itself. Designer Stasiek Płoski has come up with his iteration for the Jeep and it looks … Continue reading

    Fold&Hold Bike is the best seat for your butt

    Public transportation has only one drawback, it doesn’t guarantee an empty seat for you to sit on during the course of your transit. The Fold&Hold bike on the other hand ensures that you find a place to park your butt … Continue reading

    Encapsulated by a caravan

    Urban living has both its plus and minus points. You live in cramped quarters; hence you want to break free to natural habitats every now and then. I know many families that own campers but seriously, trailing a huge buggy … Continue reading

    Singleton concept: Noah single wheel drive that relies on you

    Our family structure has undergone complete transformation. Large, robust units have given way to single-child families. In the future, our transport vehicles too will be smaller in size and eco-friendly. The Noah High Performance Personal Vehicle was conceived to give … Continue reading

    Crackling presence: A Fireworks Show to locate your car

    The festival of lights has just concluded in India but looks like the influence has been carried over by designer Mac Funamizu. Typically during this festive season you will finds kids and adults bursting crackers and lighting spectacular fireworks display. … Continue reading

    Nissan car for the future has roots in the 80’s

    Children born in China after the 1980’s are unique because they were born after the single-child rule was implemented. Although they can’t have siblings, they are growing up to be a more tolerant and caring society, treating others with compassion … Continue reading

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