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    The Jaguar Mark XXI: A solar powered futuristic car

    One look at the “Jaguar Mark XXI” car and you know that the future has finally arrived. This amazing futuristic car has been designed by designer Christopher Pollard. A green eco friendly car, it will surely appeal to one and … Continue reading

  • Bicycle pit stops that help you lunch on your bike comfortably

    Bikes have been getting so much attention these days that I am almost convinced to give my four-wheeler for this fuel saving, energy efficient, environment friendly two-wheeler option. Ok, then maybe I have to shift to Europe or Japan. This … Continue reading

    New futuristic car by Bruno Delusso

    This is a concept car by Bruno Delusso. It is called Stratos. It is designed in a very futuristic manner which is prevalent in most designs these days. It has a long and flat rear while featuring two wheel shaped … Continue reading

    Elevating wheel chair design helping to sit and stand

    One Melbourne based ID student Jake Eadie came up with a very sweet invention. It is an electric wheelchair meant to switch between two modes –either sitting or standing. It will do some sort of robotics and extend to allow … Continue reading

    The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle with a Chevrolet Aveo heart belongs to another world

    Mike Vetter and his Florida-based company, ‘The Car Factory’ have come up with this rather strange and alien like customized car called the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or EVT. It looks like it’s right off the set of a sci-fi movie. Under … Continue reading

    Car that runs on compresses air-powered engine

    Alternative energy is more in trend now than Paris Hilton’s wardrobe. After all the solar power grabbing, now inventors are turning towards the air. Yeah, there is this Air Pod vehicle that will run with air-powered engine. What happens is … Continue reading

    Moby concept vehicle cuts down on storage space with an adjustable rear

    The ‘Moby’ is a concept by WooJin Chung which is an electricity powered vehicle. It is based on the idea to decrease the volume of the vehicle so that it is convenient in small alleys and for storage. The innovative … Continue reading

    Montreuil’s Ferrari X-Racer concept literally makes Ferrari fly

    Designer Vincent Montreuil’s has put forth a concept of flying Ferrari with twin turbos. We all should have expected it, the only way to make Formula more interesting is with rev caps, engine development freezes and lack of ground effects, … Continue reading

    Eco-friendly, five motor lawn mower from Husqvarna

    This is a grass lawn mower that is extremely awesome. It is very jazzy and very futuristic type. It can easily go for something straight out of those movies that have such cool looking machines to do the chores around … Continue reading

    Light-weight, cost-efficient Dooit sports trailer

    If you don’t have a Hummer or one of those massive trucks that drink more of your fuel than you do water, then this one is the answer to your prayers. This is called the Dooit Sports trailer from Activity … Continue reading

    Future robot taxis at your service

    Remember those hi-tech futuristic movies where you have robots do all your work include driving taxis? Well, the concept is out and it may become a reality soon. Petr Kubik’s robotic taxi concept is the concept under consideration. ‘It’s sort … Continue reading

    Wear and ride the Yamaha Deus Ex Machina

    When you have the brains, use it wisely than use it to create devices and techniques to make people lazier than they already are. A transportation design student Jake Loniak created the Yamaha Deus Ex Machina which is an electric, … Continue reading

    Four super carmakers unveil ultra futuristic concepts

    Four automobile companies have come up with ultra futuristic ideas that you may be lucky to see in a few years time, not just in movies but maybe even on the roads. First is the Mazda Motonari RX with a … Continue reading

    iChange concept car for the loner

    Tata’s Nano was unveiled for the common man who wouldn’t mind making a trip to and fro work without the fear of getting wet in the rain or being thrown in the air when some big dude four-wheeler comes crashing … Continue reading

    A car that can fly too

    Ok, now tell me that this is supposed to be a design that we can believe in. A car that can turn into a helicopter… as in a flying car! I am not bluffing, the ZEEP Design showed this car … Continue reading

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