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    Soul kite-like surfing board for disabled

    This is Soul, a kite surfing board designed by Israeli designer Etay Amir for paraplegics. He designed it as he felt water sports had a lot of potential for free movement and excitement for physically disabled people. The design uses … Continue reading

  • Multi-seated sled

    This is sooo much fun! It is a multi-seated sled! Yeah, how cool is that. All I need is some snow now. This is a design from Turkey and is made pretty easily by just adding up a few sleds … Continue reading

    Futuristic bike with heritage signs

    This motor bike is supposed to be an amalgamation of heritage and futurism and is conceived by the Confederate motor company. It gives the effect of a stationary item which has the effect of seeming as though it is going … Continue reading

    Ring-o-star coffee cup holder for bikers by Paulbaut

    Having a cup of coffee comfortable while riding a bike is an experience most bikers would crave for. Ring-o-star bicycle coffee cup holder is the answer to it. Simply attach ring o star which is made out of silicone and … Continue reading

    Pulse a new concept for a urban bike

    Keeping the needs of standard bike commuter Teague’s has designed pulse a new concept for an urban bike. It is featured with specialized caged bike pedals, and a luminescent frame that lights up whenever required and electric turn signals controlled … Continue reading

    A halcyon concept car inspired by an owl

    Inspired by an owl, designer Ralph Tayler-Webb’s designed the halcyon concept car. The Haylcon is clean, efficient, ultra-lightweight and eerily silent. It is made out of electric power for clean and silent motion, while its aerodynamic structure with covered wheels … Continue reading

    Graduates design amazing concept Electric Super Car

    Concept cars never fail to get my attention. The futuristic designs and the unique features always mange to capture my imagination. Hence it is no wonder that the ESC (Electric Super Car) concept has managed to impress me to no … Continue reading

    Driverless, self-parking mobile home design

    Designers Mike and Maaike have come up with a concept of driverless self-parking modern mobile home design. In other words, this is a concept where you don’t have to drive but sit within a comfortable interior section with a friend … Continue reading

    Heavy conceptual golf Buggy

    If you are a golfer you will like this. It is the Buggy designed for a golf buggy design competition by Callaway Golf. It is a ‘heavily conceptual approach to create the next generation buggy’ using material advancements such as … Continue reading

    Jatech announces retractable car door system concept

    If you think you have seen the most bizarre concepts, think again. Jatech’s latest concept is sure to hit the number one spot on the bizarre creations list. The company has actually come up with a retractable car door system. … Continue reading

    Nostalgia Jet Scooter

    Don’t know what the main specifications for this one is, but it is beautiful. It is a jet scooter that has the essence of an Italian Vespa. It’s classic with its dials all giving a very nostalgic effect and by … Continue reading

    Loop-In for the adventure seekers

    For surfers and skaters this will create some amusement. It is the Loop-In concept transportation system. The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can … Continue reading

    Ice cream snow fall concept for the freeze lovers

    Like Charlie and chocolate factory, this concept will be a sure hit, when it does release. It is called the Cloud Project which will have ice cream falling down from the sky like snow. In real it is spray flavored … Continue reading

    Single seat helicopter concept by sawmill employee

    I don’t know how true this is, but it seems this kick-ass 3D model designer works in a sawmill in the daytime. Imagine that – its like one of those movies, like he is some super hero. Well, Yutaka Igarashi’s … Continue reading

    Electric insect bus

    Ok this is some major design. It is an electronic bionic insect bus. It was entered into a contest incorporated with Michelin Tires. So it’s this black huge electric bus designed by Mohammad Ghezel. It has eight separated wheels with … Continue reading

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