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    Cloud Bike concept by Ankit Thapliyal

    This is a concept called the Cloud Bike and by the looks of it a really intriguing and stunning one. It was designed by Ankit Thapliyal, a 24 year old budding designer from India. Since it is a concept bike, … Continue reading

  • Vision EfficientDynamics car from BMW

    BMW will reveal its Vision EfficientDynamics concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. This concept mainly that the hybrid-engined car features 2+2 seating, polycarbonate windows and gull-wing doors.

    Induction Powered Vehicle by Philipp Siebourg

    Designer Philipp Siebourg has designed a concept driverless vehicle system known as the Induction Powered Vehicle (IPV). Designed for vehicles that can’t afford to be stopped by traffic, the IPV has a magnetic track to guide the vehicle, which can … Continue reading

    Designers design concept double-decker Trams for Stockholm City 2025

    Three designers- Vanessa Sattele, Patrik Pettersson & Fredrik Nilsson presented a unique concept double decker pram design for a project sponsored by Alstom which required them to design a Tram for Stockholm City for the year 2025. Designed in a … Continue reading

    MINI Coupé Concept

    Giving us a glimpse of a new concept car called the Coupé Concept, folks at Mini revealed images of their future car to mark the 50th Anniversary of the MINI Cooper. The Coupé Concept is a boy racer than any … Continue reading

    Urban Vehicle 2023: Concept transport system for the future

    If you are a designer, you are bound to be inquisitive and curious about why certain designs or creations don’t work. This inquisitive trait has led Industrial designer Jay Sim to create his concept vehicle dubbed Urban Vehicle 2023. The … Continue reading

    118 Wallypower yacht: Hi-tech luxury boat

    If you love luxurious yachts, then the 118 Wallypower yacht by Monaco based boat maker Wally will surely take your breath away. A combination of sleek design, advanced technology and tradition, this yacht is definitely a class apart. The vertical … Continue reading

    Aston Martin Volare electric hybrid concept

    Design students are going berserk with all sorts of eco-friendly, fuel-efficient car alternatives that is next generation. A Coventry University Automotive Design student, James Trim has come up with the Aston Martin Volare concept with a hydrogen fuel cell or … Continue reading

    Baby Going: Concept Scooter that transforms into a stroller

    Baby Going is a clever concept scooter cum stroller by designer Lotta Tu. She conceived the idea of this unique baby moving concept when she was an ID student at Taiwan’s Tung Hai University. The Baby Going is a scooter … Continue reading

    Camper Cart: A concept functional habitat

    Designer Kevin Cyr has designed a unique concept known as the Camper Cart. The Cart comprises of a shopping cart with a pop up camper affixed to it. This unique project has been designed as part of an investigation to … Continue reading

    Solar powered eco racing car Endeavour

    Britain’s hoping to use this baby for the 3,000km Global Green Challenge. It’s an eco racing car called ‘Endeavour’ which was created by Cambridge University’s eco racing student team. It was first taken on road for a test drive at … Continue reading

    Urban Frog passenger cum cargo train

    This is so cool. This is the Urban Frog passenger train. Imagine that! An urban FROG train! It is supposedly a futuristic form of transportation that is ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and ideal for a crowded city area. It is designed by … Continue reading

    Toyota Lexus to unveil concept car at Frankfurt Motor Show

    At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, car enthusiasts can expect to be bowled over by Lexus’s new concept design. Yes, its true guys, Toyota’s premium auto brand, is all set to unveil a concept car at the Frankfurt show which … Continue reading

    Yacht concepts by Sylvian Viau of SV design

    This is a couple of yacht concepts. Super S yacht that is made for speeeeed and that looks extremely futuristic and also a lot like a submarine is one. The other, Magma, is the more ancient styled with the modern … Continue reading

    Sting ray design ekranoplan Mobula

    This isn’t a sting ray. It is a design for a massive, luxury transport that will be a cross connection between a cruise ship and a passenger aircraft. It is called Mobula and was designed by Chris Cooke, a 2009 … Continue reading

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