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    ARION1, the world’s fastest bicycle, is 40 times more aerodynamic than the Bugatti Veyron

    If you’ve been imagining that the world’s fastest bicycle will probably look like one of those ridden at the Tour de France, you’re dreadfully wrong. Instead, students from Liverpool University in the U.K. have developed a bicycle that touches 90 … Continue reading

  • BMW designs futuristic subway cars for Kuala Lumpur’s new metro line

    After looking at the i3 and the i8 street cars, we’re quite convinced that the German automobile giant, BMW, has somewhat been inspired by the Tron: Legacy movie. Most recently, BMW has managed to convince us yet again, with these … Continue reading

    Solar Impulse 2, the predecessor to the world’s first solar-powered airplane, to fly in 2015

    The Solar Impulse, also crowned to be the world’s first solar-powered airplane to attempt a circumnavigation of the world without fossil fuel, has etched a place for itself in the history of mankind. Following this, an updated version of the … Continue reading

    Land Rover unveils the technologically-possible Transparent Bonnet concept

    Thanks to cameras, manufacturers and designers around the world have successfully been turning solid surfaces transparent. Most recently, the jolly folks at Land Rover used cameras and a little bit of innovative technology to create the ‘Transparent Bonnet’ concept for … Continue reading

    Batman could dump his Batbike for the new Honda NM4 Vultus!

    If Batman ever decided to step off that atrocious-looking machine he chooses to call a bike and settle for a Honda instead, here’s what his vehicle of choice would be, the NM4 Vultus. While the name isn’t as awe-striking as … Continue reading

    EDAG develops turtle-shell-inspired 3D printed car concept, called the Genesis

    One of the biggest drawbacks of driving around in a modern-day car is the fact that a simple mistake can, at times, lead you to a hospital or worse. Problems like these could be erased into oblivion in the near … Continue reading

    Autonomous cars of the future now appear on the horizon with Rinspeed’s developments

    “Always keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the brake”, is what your driving instructor probably said to you repeatedly. Not in the future though. Up ahead, driving instructors will probably … Continue reading

    Nissan introduces Smart rear-view mirror that doubles up as an LCD screen

    There are a bunch of automakers out there who’re still to master the art of creating practical C-pillars for the cars they manufacturer. More often than not, badly designed C-pillars, seat headrests and taller friends cause blind spots, causing drivers … Continue reading

    eBiqe, the electronically-assisted mountain bike concept, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

    Electronically assisted bicycles are pretty much one of those contraptions that every man-boy in town has on his Christmas wishlist. Here’s yet another drool-worthy bike we spotted recently, with a glistening red body and some pretty eye-catching curves. Called the … Continue reading

    Terrafugia is currently developing autonomous flying cars!

    Let’s not deny it, we’re still obsessed with the idea of owning a flying car, which is one of the reasons most of us let out a longing sigh every time we watch the Jetsons fly away in one of … Continue reading

    XchangE autonomous EV enables passengers to work or relax!

    No matter how hard you try, working in a car while travelling will always remain a somewhat clumsy affair. More often than not, working on a laptop or simply taking down notes while seated in a car isn’t so much … Continue reading

    Rolls Royce develops remote-controlled crewless cargo ships

    One of the few things we learned from Captain Philips was the fact that pirates are real and they aren’t really as friendly as Jack Sparrow. Pirates have been a constant threat to the modern world of sea transport and … Continue reading

    Hyundai unveils the hydrogen fuel-cell powered Intrado concept

    Hyundai has envisioned the car of the future and created a vehicle that’s capable of turning heads and enabling mankind to get around in a more organic and energy-efficient way. Called the Intrado, this concept car design by the automotive … Continue reading

    Equal electric car concept designed for disabled drivers

    Folks with disabilities do find it extremely difficult to travel, particularly by cars where getting in and out isn’t a breeze. This is also why most disabled people stay away from the driver’s seat and are required to be dependent … Continue reading

    Energy 23cs electric boat makes sailing a green affair

    And if you thought nothing gets better than basking in the sun while out in the deep blue sea on your boat, think again! The recent Boot Dusseldorf show proved that there are better ways to hit the azure than … Continue reading

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