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    Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles turns a Ducati 900SS into a naked streetfighter

    If you’ve ever spotted the 1996 Ducati 900SS before, you probably know that this mean machine is anything but a streetfighter. However, that hasn’t kept designer Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles from transforming this legendary superbike into a … Continue reading

  • Engineering students build the Arion 1, the soon-to-be fastest bicycle in the world!

    The next time you see an oversized pill zipping by you as you drive to work, fear not, the world isn’t being taken over by giant antibiotics! Instead, this pill-like contraption is the Arion 1, the world’s fastest bicycle developed … Continue reading

    Mercedes Benz shows off the Future Truck 2025 self-driving concept!

    Now that automated cars have already hit the roads and have stunned the world with their incredibly intelligent capabilities, Mercedes Benz has begun work on futuristic trucks that can do pretty much the same too! Truck drivers are exposed to … Continue reading

    Child-friendly wheelchairs for Israel developed by the Wheelchairs of Hope project

    Citizens of middle-eastern areas like Israel have been suffering the woes of war since years now and some of the worst hit in places like these are children. Many a times, disabled children living in areas like these do not … Continue reading

    Israel builds a fortress on wheels, the Combat Guard

    Israel likes staying prepared for things. The country recently revealed this extremely jaw-dropping and to-die-for, or rather, not-to-die-in armor car. Developed by Israeli Military Industries, the Combat Guard is a four wheel drive packing a 00 horsepower General Motors Diesel … Continue reading

    Will future Harley Davidson bikes stop roaring and whisper instead?

    A “quite Harley Davidson” is pretty much a paradox. These bikes, known to drink tankards of gas and roar around neighborhoods frightening little old ladies, now have a change of heart. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle company could soon be dishing out … Continue reading

    Nissan unveils a swanky supercar for a video game, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

    Years ago, Nissan managed to stop the world of motorcars stop dead in its tracks and stare wide-eyed as the Japanese automotive giant unveiled one of the most legendary vehicles in the world, the GTR. More recently, the company has … Continue reading

    First-responder Angell Unit bike promises to reach emergency spots faster

    First-responder vehicles are specifically designed to reach places of emergency, at times when life and death is separated by a few precious minutes. Quite often, these vehicles, like ambulances and fire-trucks, are caught in traffic jams and reach emergency spots … Continue reading

    Jyrobike, the self-balancing bicycle, promises to keep you off the floor

    They say the more you fall off your bike, the quicker you learn. What they actually forget to tell you is the fact that falling off your bike will give you more cuts and bruises than a Spartan fighting against … Continue reading

    Ford unveils a Fusion concept that’s 25% lighter than the original

    The current Ford Fusion on shelves isn’t a particularly over-weight car, but that hasn’t stopped the American automaker from sending its brainchild to a weight-loss program. Ford has unveiled this concept version of the Fusion that’s nearly 25% lighter than … Continue reading

    Chinese develop maglev train capable of touching 1,800 mph

    One of the few reasons mankind ever had of pulling out oil from the depths of the earth was its obsession with going faster. We’ve come a long way since we first stepped onboard a motorized carriage that got us … Continue reading

    The Dream Cars exhibit boasts incredible concepts hailing from the decades gone by!

    So you think the Lamborghini Aventador and the BMW i8 are the only cars that’ll never grow old with time, despite the changes in the world of automotive design? Well, get a hold of this! Atlanta’s High Museum of Art … Continue reading

    Mini unveils mini mobile homes for mini vacations

    BMW’s British automotive marque, Mini, has just proved that small is indeed quite big, so long as you don’t ferry everyone in your family around wherever you go. The automobile manufacturer has just unveiled a line-up of Mini variants that … Continue reading

    The Fly Citycopter concept by Eduardo Galvani could soon help us fly to the grocery store!

    Forget supercars and jets, the next thing you should be adding to your wishlist is the Fly Citycopter! A concept by Eduardo Galvani, this futuristic helicopter aims to change the way we city-dwellers travel and is a flying contraption that … Continue reading

    This $800,000 Chinese super-luxury car will make Rolls Royce owners run for their checkbooks

    If you had $800,000 to buy a car, what would you pick? While a little voice in our head keeps screaming out names like Maserati and Ferrari and Lamborghini, here’s an automobile from the far eastern shores of China that … Continue reading

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