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    Regular Cars That are as Expensive as Luxury Cars

    Most people believe that luxury cars are more expensive than regular cars due to their luxurious features. Well, that could not be further from the truth. Luxury cars are fitted with some of the finest and deluxe car parts. But … Continue reading

  • Pedal-powered personal pods brings fitness and clean travel to NZ

    Called the Shweeb, this cool idea of transport from New Zealand is grabbing eyeballs and the attention of people across the globe. The idea of a personal transportation pod may be rather fascinating but the fact that it can take … Continue reading

    Rinspeed’s Etos Autonomous concept car pairs with a drone, paints the future of automobiles

    With the approaching CES 2016, we can see more being done on the concept front. Take Rinspeed for instance. Their Etos Autonomous concept car is absolutely love-worthy and packs an added punch to the experiences it promises to deliver. While … Continue reading

    Auto Boat is a smartphone-controlled for the solitary sailor

    When you first look at the Auto Boat you’d think it is a simple, functional floating object that could run through the serene backwaters of a coastal waterway, a recluse away from technology. But no. That isn’t what the Auto … Continue reading

    AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the … Continue reading

    Stockholm to join 200 European cities to ban cars for a day

    Banning cars could mean a number of adjustments and inconveniences in life, but hey, it can also strongly foster the feeling of eco-consciousness. To try out the potency of this remarkably daring move to counter pollution, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined … Continue reading

    Smart Forrail Concept is a mini-train that runs on wheels

    We’ve heard of train coaches that offer you the luxury of luxe cars but here’s a train that mimics one to such an extent that it even looks like one. Behold the Smart Forrail mini train (yes, that’s what it … Continue reading

    Ninebot One is a self-balancing electric unicycle that can beat jams

    The design and brilliance in science that the Ninebot One portrays is unparalleled. This cool electric unicycle scooter is a self-balancing one that reaches speeds of up to 18 to 22 kmph. It is swanky and doesn’t make you look … Continue reading

    Ford’s electric bicycle warns riders about potholes

    It’s called the MoDe:Flex and it’s here to save many a life and limb of cyclists. The idea behind the working of this electric-assist bicycle is that it can efficiently warn cyclists of upcoming road craters and potholes, thanks to … Continue reading

    The AWWA-QG Progress Eagle uses energy-efficient technology to transport up to 800 passengers!

    The skies need to turn bluer and the only way to do this is by introducing a hue of green in the aviation industry. Airplanes today tend to burn tremendous amounts of fuel, resulting in an increasing amount of air … Continue reading

    Chinese web giant Baidu to releases the Dubike e-bike concept

    Like everything else, China has its own “Google” too. The Chinese web services company Baidu, is now looking forward to unleashing an electric bike too, to grab the attention of the world. Called the Dubike, this e-bike will come with … Continue reading

    The Impossible electric bicycle folds and fits inside a backpack!

    Every once in a while we gracefully stumble across a vehicle that makes us question the laws of physics and the existence of gravity. Called the Impossible and developed by Impossible Technology, this bicycle has the most apt name we’ve … Continue reading

    The Coupémotion concept for Bugatti powers up with four electric hub motors

    Sometime in the future, Bugatti may finally retire the Veyron and give the world something we’ve never seen before, something as awe-striking as the Coupémotion concept probably. Designed by Henri von Freyberg and inspired by Bugatti’s “pur sang” design principle, … Continue reading

    The Bimodal concept car promises better stability with a 5th wheel

    At first look, we mistook this futuristic concept car to be the Maserati Birdcage 75th, the brainchild of a Pininfarina design team. While the car has not been completely inspired by the design of the Birdcage, the Bimodal by J. … Continue reading

    The Sunseeker Sport Yacht 155, a super-luxury yacht with a big belly!

    A few of us are adventurous enough to drop everything we’ve got going on for us and circumnavigate the earth from time to time. Designer Vuk Nemanja Zoraja has come up with a vessel that’s designed to suit the tastes … Continue reading

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