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    Impact-sensing foam to be used in sports helmets detects injuries

    Sporting activities are known to cause injuries, particularly when the sport in concern includes and encourages human-contact. Take football for instance, where players are regularly subjected to receiving blows on their heads. Now, while this may seem normal, blows like … Continue reading

  • Ridiculously transparent outdoor public toilet installed in Japan

    Answering nature’s call outdoors in the open-air was what human-kind did, centuries ago before the more civilized toilets were invented. The Japanese architecture studio Sou Fujimoto however, doesn’t consider a poop in the open air to be too embarrassing and … Continue reading

    Exbury Egg, the floating egg-shaped wooden home

    Not everyone prefers living in brick and concrete homes. Some people love living in structures a little more unusual than the ordinary, like giant eggs for instance. Artist Stephen Turner, 58, has now begun using this giant floating egg on … Continue reading

    FireFly compact minimalist camper, designed to fit in the back of a truck

    Going camping is never a boring affair, particularly if the camper you decide to bring along on your outdoor trip is a shade better than the one Jesse and Walter used in Breaking Bad. Designer Garrett Finney designed this compact … Continue reading

    RS3 foosball table by Rafael Rodriguez is hip and fun!

    Sports are good, particularly sports that keep you active, even if that means you running around a table and screaming your lungs out at your foosball-loving cronies. Designer Rafael Rodriguez designed these indoor-outdoor foosball tables called the RS3 tables for … Continue reading

    Disney Research develops the means to hear with touch

    Cluttered wires and cables will soon find themselves a spot in museums as wireless technology takes over. While contemporary wireless technology is developing at a steady and promising pace, the folks at Disney Research decided to take a leap ahead … Continue reading

    Tear Off wallpaper by ZNAK allows you to design your walls as you please

    Giving your home a dash of eye-candy with wallpaper is a tedious and time-consuming job. No doubt wallpapers are a lot easier than painting a room, but having these put up requires quite a lot of patience. Instead, the Tear … Continue reading

    You can now power up futuristic e-readers by rubbing them!

    Flying cars and talking trees? Nah! We’d rather have a future where electric portable devices charge themselves and we’re never disconnected from the lines of communication that keep us going. A few steps closer towards this dream are the Paper … Continue reading

    Douwe Egberts’s vending machine pops out free coffee for a yawn!

    Yawning has never been so rewarding before, at least in our experience. If we’re caught yawning at work, we attract poker-faced looks and shaking heads with exasperated expressions. The Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts isn’t as big a taskmaster as … Continue reading

    Aqualibrium Garden allows users to grow greens in urban apartments

    Growing your own food is never a bad thing! This act helps you save quite a substantial amount of money, enables you to spend a few hours doing something productive and gives you a reason to stay happy and healthy. … Continue reading

    Luxury home built 26-feet below ground priced at $1.6 million

    If the world reached an apocalyptic end and balls of fire began raining down from the heavens above, we’d probably run underground. And if we did, we’d probably want to live in a home like this! Built in a bomb-shelter, … Continue reading

    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago develops a mind-controllable prosthetic leg

    Prosthetic legs have been good enough to make up for lost limbs, but have never fully been able to replace them completely. Well, things are about to change, thanks to this new development that could soon be a boon for … Continue reading

    BlueFit smart bottle reminds users when to chug water

    You probably might have heard this time and again, but we’ll repeat it anyway. Drinking water is essential and important for good health! For those who heed our advice, the BluFit smart water bottle is a perfect companion. The bottle … Continue reading

    The Lift Ware spoon makes meal time easier for people with Parkinson’s disease

    Living with Parkinson’s disease and going about day to day life isn’t really easy, and people suffering from this disorder know best. An everyday meal turns into a person’s battle with his/her own body due to a shaky and wavering … Continue reading

    Mirror Tree Hotel is a tree-house that replicates a mirrored cube!

    Tree-houses have always caught our fancy, right since childhood in fact. These beautiful little places to set our young minds free have always been on our Christmas wishlists. However, one tree-house did manage to have our jaws dropped to the … Continue reading

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