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    Researchers develop backpack that charges your smartphone as you walk

    Our smartphones, tablets and laptops are things we cannot live without, simply given the fact that we’re slowly turning into a species that cannot exist without being digitally connected at all times. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology seem … Continue reading

  • 3D Igloo made from crystallized salt by Emerging Objects

    We’ve been fans of 3D printing technology and everything that it brings to the table; particularly the fact that we humble human beings can now create everyday items for use by simply printing them out into existence! If you’ve been … Continue reading

    Designers celebrate the Jaguar F Type with supercar-inspired handcrafted products

    As automotive connoisseurs will agree, the Jaguar F Type is a wonderful car and does a great job at being a complete adrenaline-rushing beast at everything it does. Recently, the British brand, owned by Indian automaker Tata Motors, commissioned a … Continue reading

    Astronaut Koichi Wakata shows off light-writing artwork created in space

    If you’ve ever wondered why a bunch of people you’ve known since decades have always had dreams of being an astronaut, right since the time they knew what space was, here’s a reason why. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata was recently … Continue reading

    Freddie Jordan’s Starbucks Seedpods aide guerilla gardening

    The world needs more green patches and humankind has quickly begun to realize the need for these spaces. Michigan based artist and designer Freddie Jordan recently unveiled this fantastic way to spread the green. Called Seedpods, these contraptions were created … Continue reading

    Folded pieces of carpet turned into art figurines by Didier Faustino

    Art has its own way of speaking a few thousand words using the simplest visual treatment. Portuguese artist Didier Faustino seems to understand the concept of speaking out thoughts through art extremely well and has portrayed this knack with an … Continue reading

    Color-changing Mood Sweater changes shades to match the wearer’s moods

    Mood sensitive clothing isn’t new, but the technology still manages to grab our attention as always. Sensoree showed off this fantastic sweater that detects its wearer’s mood swings and changes color accordingly. Called the GER: Mood Sweater, this piece of … Continue reading

    Century-old brewery in Zurich renovated into a bath and spa

    Pun aside; we’ve never come across a renovated spa as high-spirited as this location in Zurich. The Swiss have successfully managed to turn the old Hürlimann brewery dating back to the year 1836 into a modern thermal bath and spa. … Continue reading

    Futuristic Thanksgiving food to be cooked up in laboratories!

    A Thanksgiving without a turkey is, well, nothing much to be thankful about. Thanksgiving in the future is slated to be radically different from what it is today, particularly because of the fact that human-kind will soon settle for food … Continue reading

    Extremely tiny and expensive microhomes to show up in Sao Paulo soon

    Sprawling homes have indeed lost out on their exquisiteness, given the fact that people around the world have begun living individually and in smaller families, apart from the ever-looming urban space crunch. The Brazilian city of Sao Paulo will soon … Continue reading

    Why Use a Company for Your Online Website

    Online websites and marketing are invaluable ways to tap into a broad spectrum of clients who would not be able to walk into a brick-and-mortar storefront. To tap into this valuable market, you’re going to need to have a website … Continue reading

    Spruce Stove makes the act of building up a cheerful fire, easier!

    Chopping down logs into tiny bits to feed them all into a crackling fire every winter isn’t everybody’s form of entertainment and if you’d ask us, this process to enjoy a blanket of warmth can get pretty darned tedious. This … Continue reading

    The Montlake Spite House is a wedge-shaped home!

    At times, a little bit of spite and arrogance can indeed lead to the creation of something jaw-dropping and completely insane, like this wedge shaped bungalow in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Legend says the owner of this home built it the … Continue reading

    Morph airline seating concept makes budget-travelling more comfortable

    An economy-class flight is barely a luxury, particularly due to the fact that your knees are put through extremely strenuous situations when your fellow traveler seated in front of you decides to snooze. British design firm Seymourpowell came up with … Continue reading

    Professor Berokh Khoshnevis develops technology to print out homes

    Some things are easier said than done, but not everyone really thinks along these lines. University of Southern California professor Berokh Khoshnevis has been spending quite a lot of time obsessing over 3D printing technology, so much, that he has … Continue reading

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