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    Belgium welcomes the world’s first colon-shaped hotel!

    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to live inside a human body organ for a couple of days or more? Well, we haven’t and we’re guessing most ordinary people don’t think of stuff like this. A few others, however, go … Continue reading

  • Google goes organic with its new Malaysian headquarters in Kuala Lumpur

    Google is known to own some of the most desirable and creatively designed office spaces around the world. The search engine giant is now the proud holder of a one-of-a-kind office in Malaysia, from where the companies Malaysian operations will … Continue reading

    Futuristic space-shuttle-shaped mountain shelters reinvented by Cassina

    Decades ago, designers Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret came up with a futuristic mountain shelter called the Refuge Tonneau, good enough to make outer space aliens and sci-fi fans feel at home. Now, more than seven decades later, design firm … Continue reading

    Sun Bird playground in Colorado is inspired by bird nests

    Building a playground for children requires lots of creativity, ingenuity and insight, and the Tres Birds Workshop seems to have mastered it all! The firm unveiled this one-of-a-kind playground, designed for the town of Vail in Colorado. Called the Sun … Continue reading

    Intelligent ‘Power Laces’ to grace Nike shoes of the future

    No, the world of nerdiness and dorkiness isn’t half as enthusiastic about the dawn of the time machine as it is about the arrival of self-lacing shoes! People from around the globe have begun drooling upon these hot futuristic shoes … Continue reading

    Colon-shaped hotel in Belgium welcomes you to a world of digestion

    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to live inside a human body organ for a couple of days or more? Well, we haven’t and we’re guessing most ordinary people don’t think of stuff like this. A few others, however, go … Continue reading

    Hookhayon, the glass-blown hookah, designed for Gaia & Gino

    Puffing on a hookah is and has always been one of the Asian world’s favorite pastimes. What we’ve got here is a traditional hookah given a modern twist. Designed and brought to life by Spanish designer Jamie Hayon, the Hookhayon, … Continue reading

    Archiworkshop develops a tent village in Korea

    Camping is usually associated with sore backs, limited resources and an adventurous time in the outdoors. However, Seoul-based Archiworkshop thinks differently and has turned the entire camping experience upside down with its tent village in Korea called the Glamping for … Continue reading

    Fashion designer Gareth Pugh uses 3D visual technology to show off his latest creations

    Ever wondered what it’d be to take a rollercoaster ride through a highly recognized and successful fashion designer’s mind? Well, here’s your chance to do so. Called the Monolith, this virtual reality experience was created by fashion designer Gareth Pugh, … Continue reading

    Tear Off wallpaper by ZNAK allows you to design your walls as you please!

    Giving your home a dash of eye-candy with wallpaper is a tedious and time-consuming job. No doubt wallpapers are a lot easier than painting a room, but having these put up requires quite a lot of patience. Instead, the Tear … Continue reading

    Interactive map-shaped chandelier displays world information!

    Light installations can get pretty fancy at times and have also been known to double up as several other applications before. Here’s yet another astounding light installation that’s more than just the chandelier it’s intended to be. Called the Global … Continue reading

    Sleep for just 2 hours a day and wake up feeling refreshed with the NeuroOn mask

    There used to be a time when we, human beings, considered nap time an essential part of our daily routines. Things have begun to change now, as human beings have begun to realize that the time taken to sleep can … Continue reading

    University of Seoul welcomes home a cozy wooden hangout

    Let’s not deny it, we’ve all looked for hideouts in our respective educational institutions, to block ourselves away from all the academic noise outside. Design firm UTAA and architecture students Lee Sang-myeong, Ha Ki-seong, Baek Jong-ho gave the University of … Continue reading

    LEAPfactory builds a one-of-a-kind hotel on Mount Elbrus, Russia

    Tired of visiting that warm and lovely beach-side resort you’ve been frequenting since the summer of graduation? Well, here’s a way to holiday that’s a step away from anything termed as ordinary! Nestled on the mountain tops of Russia’s Mount … Continue reading

    Laser tag hoodie by Willy Yonkers is futuristically cool

    Nothing gets more futuristic than a laser tag gun, right? Wrong! Arlington-based designer and visionary, Willy Yonkers has reinvented the laser tag game, literally, and has unveiled this cutting-edge hoodie that redefines one of America’s most loved past times. The … Continue reading

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