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    Aboard the Pleasurecraft to serenade your lover; prompts cues to make the date perfect

    The notion of a “perfect date” is only found in movies and romance novels. The crackers don’t burst, the music doesn’t stay in key and you ofent burp, fart or barf at the wrong moment. However to give a strong … Continue reading

  • Easy lounging on the Snork

    Crochet Tentacles and the Sea sponge design make Snork truly unique. The lounger features tentacles made from crochet and a comfy space in the middle of the design to park your butt. The hollow tentacles offer an easy grasp to … Continue reading

    CipCip with its open mouth is an inviting bird paradise

    If you have the pleasure of a lawn or a garden on your property, you will surely appreciate the CipCip. Besides dotting the landscape like pretty ornament, the CipCip also provides a safe haven for birds. Sweet smelling plants and … Continue reading

    Duoo shell is a blend of ear and eye contraption

    Submitted as an entry for the Opus Design Awards, the Duoo by Luis Pires won accolades and prizes too. It is basically a plastic shell that opens up into two pieces and inside it is leitmotif sunglasses and headphones. The … Continue reading

    Spazio Digital Home Office Desk is perfect for bloggers

    I am currently sitting in my cramped up room, fingers flying on the keyboard, typing pout the text for this article. At the same time, I am drooling over this work desk that promises to be a savior to all … Continue reading

    Selachimorpha Bin makes waste disposal a fun game

    You’re on the beach and taking a long leisurely walk. As you stride further, you decide to take off your shoes and enjoy the sand barefoot. The twist in this tale is that beaches these days are getting so dirty … Continue reading

    Samsung E-SPY keeps a tab on the power consumption

    Are you worried about your electricity bills? Yes, you should be, considering the high wastage or usage, whichever describes your case. Designer Simone Marian has come up with a unique concept for Samsung, called the E-SPY. Like a spy, it … Continue reading

    Oz – personal digital portable oxygenator for Samsung

    Pollution and stress are two things that contribute immensely to a wilted complexion. Half of our spa-treatment bills and beauty product usage would be reduced if we had clean oxygenated air to pamper our skins with. I am aware that … Continue reading

    Oikos Green Gadget ensures intelligent power consumption

    As we have seen, over the years our consumption of electricity has risen steadily. It’s not that we need more light or cooling or heating, it’s just that our per-person usage of electronic good has risen considerable over the years. … Continue reading

    Immersive Cocoon entraps the gamer in a delightful zone

    Immersive may not even be a word, but if this concept of a gaming pod comes to reality; it will revolutionize the whole industry. Imagine walking right into the middle of a game, becoming a part of it…something like what … Continue reading

    Virtual Ideas Pink Panther Watch looks trendy

    There are no specs on this beautiful timepiece, but that doesn’t deter me on writing about it. Clearly this Pink Panther Watch is encrusted with beautiful baguettes of diamonds on the frame. The unique oval shape looks trendy and Julien … Continue reading

    Plant a Diamond concept encourages savings and a Swarosvki

    In this day of advanced technology and vegetarianism, the concept of smashing a piggy bank has undergone a drastic transformation. This has been highlighted by the advent of new-age designs that sees actual miniature banks or ATMs being designed for … Continue reading

    Access Control Robot is the future of security

    Human error is by far the biggest cause of intelligence failure and security breach. Late at night I find my apartment watchman fast asleep on the bench, I’m sure many of you must be facing a similar situation at work … Continue reading

    3DION Washing machine concept for Arcelor

    The saying goes…too many cooks spoil the broth; however this does not apply to the creative minds of Vincent Palicki, Jean Hong and Antoine Harpages. We this team sat down for some serious ramblings, they conjured up such an exquisite … Continue reading

    Fossil Watch project by Shelley Spicuzz

    Trendy watches change appearances with the flow of the seasons, no wonder designers are kept on their feet to come up with new styles all the time! The Fossil Watch project by Shelley Spicuzza was done by her for the … Continue reading

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