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    Movito USB Watch holds a lot of info

    The traveling businessman needs to pack in so many things, including handy gadgets. Now, there comes a time when these gadgets (like PDA, laptops etc.) get a bit too overbearing and may not seem as functional as they proclaim to … Continue reading

  • Radiate heat while sitting on your chair

    I know winter is upon us and maybe most of you have brought out the woolies. However nothing can beat the feeling of sitting in front of a cozy, crackling fire and warming your hands. Modern day norms demand that … Continue reading

    Esc Clock won’t let you be tardy

    I hate latecomers and those who don’t value your time. This friend of mine often falls into trouble for running late, be it a luncheon date or an important business meeting. Guess he could do with yet another alarm, this … Continue reading

    Whirlpool Re-Cycle Laundry Center

    The topic for the Whirlpool 2008 Contest was “Future of Water” and based on this is the Whirlpool Re-Cycle Laundry Center. The design of the machine takes inspiration from the recycling logo and hence the name “Re-Cycle” for the machine. … Continue reading

    Crystallized time- The Swarovski Crystal Watch

    I fancy owning an Omega or a Rolex one day, but imagine putting up a Swarovski watch on the wall! It does make a pretty picture and since it was a part of the Swarovski Design competition, it’s worthy of … Continue reading

    Discover your Weight, digit by digit

    I know this may sound funny right now, but ask people like me who have had to battle the bulge since years. Stepping on the weighing scale can be a very traumatic experience for many. Many blame the excess on … Continue reading

    Date with designer Paul Sandip

    Paul Sandip is one of the most promising Industrial Designers from India. He figures in the top 50 list of International Designers. He believes in creating useful art and desirable everyday objects! He also prefers to be known as an … Continue reading

    Shell…to Mother Nature we return

    When you’re dead, you’re dead! What difference does it make how you are disposed, right? Wrong! It does make a difference, you may not realize it now, but how you are cremated or buried, in accordance with your religious rites … Continue reading

    Wicked pillows to give you a sleepless night

    My pillow is perfect and the bone of contention between my husband and me. Blackmail, sweet-talk and bribes, he’s tried almost everything but I refuse to part with mine, simple because it’s the best lay (wicked eh!). Anyways, I found … Continue reading

    Feel the time…the moment you touch!

    Designer Mac Funamizu is at it again; this time around he is showing us a pretty neat concept that allows you to catch those extra forty winks, early in the morn. Break of dawn sleep is the best ever; no … Continue reading

    Flower Power: Lotus mood lamp

    There are three simple steps to unwinding and having a great evening. First get the bath running and will it with warm suds. Next bring out the aromatic oils to incense the environment and third place the Lotus mood lamps … Continue reading

    Los Barriguitas Hospital collection

    When I was a little girl, the only dolls that I played with were Barbie, Ken and Kelly. My mother was always superstitious regarding doctor sets, ambulance or fire engine trucks and I was never allowed to play with such … Continue reading

    Clogau Gold watch concept is a timeless piece

    On one hand we have designer Anthony Mapstone give us the wonderful Sony Ericsson Videophone concept and on the other hand he is ready to startle us with this exquisite timepiece. Designed in conjunction with Joel Williams, this watch was … Continue reading

    Thermoplay will make taking children’s temperature easy

    I have children so can empathize with those parents whose children fall ill and are fussy. It’s not that you tell them to open their mouth and pop in the thermometer and they’ll oblige. I have even tried the in-ear … Continue reading

    Virtuo digital palette for the artistically challenged

    I strongly believe that having a good hand at drawing and art is an inborn gift. This is a talent that can be nurtured but you can’t just one day wake up and decide to become an artist. However designer … Continue reading

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