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    Gottacha Wine Rack, don’t try and dart the bottle

    Reminding you of a scene from those cowboy movies, where you enter a salon, shoot a few darts and swig a pint, the Gottacha Wine Rack could be your very own screenplay. The only difference, this dartboard is actually a … Continue reading

  • Royal Gazon, the vegetal companion

    Gazon is grass in French, but its not linguist eloquence that I want to discuss here. The financial crisis and the war on terror have left me feeling with a sense of instability. Are we as secure as we think … Continue reading

    Keep fit at home with Revolve Bike

    Getting me to exercise is like pushing a mule! I can be really stubborn if I want to, and excuses range from lack of motivation to lack of style (clothes). Sometimes the equipments are not swanky enough, but I guess … Continue reading

    Hours, minutes, seconds…the good vibrations phone

    It’s winter now and many of us like to catch a few extra winks and hat to leave our cozy beds. Sleeping past the snooze and ending up late for work or appointments sure is a sign of tardiness. Mac … Continue reading

    Piano Dentelle looks dainty and plays a fine tune

    There are many women (and some men) who find solace in knitting, crochet and tatting. It’s an art form that that requires painstaking patience and loads of innovation. Regular bed sheets or dresses are not that difficult to create but … Continue reading

    Drag your finger to turn off the lights

    Lady, “Honey, come let’s go to bed…” Man, “Just a minute love, let me switch off these freakin lights…” A few seconds later… Lady, “How much longer dear…I’m waiting” Man calls out, “Honey I think I need your help here…I … Continue reading

    e2-e4 chess board

    The e2-e4 chessboard by designer Yar Rassadin should be a good place to start-off with, if you want to become the next Grand Master. The set sports marked cells, which make no sense to me, because I’m zero as far … Continue reading

    The Purple Café beckons to unwind and relax

    Sitting on the “Him and Her” butt-cuddling chair may be a bit uncomfortable for a few, but I’m sure many will approve of the Hand-chairs included in the Purple Café. Designed by Jan Schreiner, a young Russian designer from Berlin, … Continue reading

    Air Crosswalk design concept has the lights hanging up

    Art. Lebedev has taken the task of road safety quite seriously. If it’s not the change in traffic lights, it’s this issue of illuminated zebra crossing that they have taken over. The studio’s idea is to create double marked zebra … Continue reading

    Black Champan! Anytime…anywhere!

    Occasions are plenty but when you really want to pop the cork…you rarely get the chance to do so. Santiago Cantera has designed the perfect bottle for your Chandon187. It’s perfect because it’s designed with the basic premise of being … Continue reading

    Square Traffic lights will make Sponge Bob proud

    Traffic rules are taught to us from the time we are toddlers. It’s hammered into out subconscious and forever the lights have sported the same contours. Art Lebedev, the whiz studio has come out with their concept called the Luxofor. … Continue reading

    Star Wars fan; get cozy with winter figures this season

    I am calling it the winter figures simply because the designs are all crochet works and made from wool or other such cozy materials, and that’s what we want this freeze-season. Etsy is dishing out a bout of collectables that … Continue reading

    Thermy Solar thermometer

    Where the Lunar Baby thermometer let you take the temperature of your little tyke with ease, the Thermy lets you know hot (or cold) your city is. The coolest thing about this thermometer is, that its solar powered. It uses … Continue reading

    Poop Loop the doggy bag for your pet

    Caring for a pet can be the single-most satisfying experience that your child can have. However the messy, poopy part always falls in us elder’s list of chores. There are plenty of poop scoopers available now, which were not a … Continue reading

    Cable Hugger is my savior for tangled-wire syndrome

    Do you have messy cables and wires strewn all over the place? Well, I do, and they infuriate me no end, hence I suffer from the tangled-wire syndrome . I know clipping them together is an option, but who has … Continue reading

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