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    Marcus Ring discreetly detects UV exposure for your benefit

    Ok, I’m not good with medical terms and notations, but when a good design is involved, I’m all ears (and eyes). Here is the deal, UV rays are pretty harmful for us and overexposure can lead to serious conditions, even … Continue reading

  • Tima solves the digital – classic tussle in a watch

    It’s only natural that the current crop wants to stay trendy and adopt the latest in fashion norms, be it watches, jewelry or clothes. The toughest call comes from picking the right kind of watch that will remain in-fashion for … Continue reading

    Recycled beauty: Computer Commuter for TerraCycle

    Making magic out of waste is an art that not everybody possess. Designer Taryn Zychal is one of those few gifted people who has turned around things for discarded materials. Take for instance the Computer Commuter, which is made from … Continue reading

    Drive badly and the Automotive Cockpit will punish you with David Hasselhoff songs!

    Music is a medium that can convey strong messages to the youth, because they are so in-tune with it. How about enforcing some safety norms via music on the impressionable 16 to 20-year olds, who understand the language best. The … Continue reading

    Personal Alarm Watch intimates during emergencies

    The hearing impaired has a challenging life but their spirit soars forth with confidence and independence. Given the situation in most countries, you really never know when an emergency can arise. The fact the impaired people usually have heightened senses … Continue reading

    Bloom livens your living space with stylized blossoms

    I consider those with a green thumb quite fortunate and blessed because they get so much time to be one with nature and enjoy the abundant beauty of flowers. Tending to their pots and plants, many literally rear their brood … Continue reading

    Exit boredom and enter a fantasy world

    Two facts that make the Exitus bookends worth a mention; one-it is an Art Lebedev concept, and two-it’s uses the most recognizable sign for a totally different purpose. The bookends feature anti-slip silicone corner pads so that they won’t slide … Continue reading

    Transformers gun for your contact lens case

    The byproduct of surfing the net and blogging is spectacles. Many of us are condemned to a lifetime of wearing glasses, but some of us let vanity creep in. Contact lenses are not only a boon to the conscious, but … Continue reading

    Tea Orbs for the perfect oriental-themed tea party

    On one of my many trips to the Far East, I came across the stress relieving boading balls. At first I did not humor them much, but gradually as I started using them, I did feel their soothing effect on … Continue reading

    Better Views of Paris out of my window

    You don’t need to be a globetrotter to get the best views out of your suite window. You only need Better Views to view the popular skylines of romantic Paris or moody Tokyo, right here sitting in New York! Window … Continue reading

    Boy and Dog pee in different glasses

    Be it the cash crunch this Christmas or the terror attacks across the globe, we need to look at the lighter side in life as well. Giving us a break in these tense times is the Manneken Pis and Peeing … Continue reading

    Smart Switch for economic power consumption and management

    The biggest jolt one gets is from the monthly electricity bill itself. Many of us try and be careful, but somehow the bill always manages to exceed our expectations. With Christmas round the bend, I know that a matter of … Continue reading

    Best of Greenlaunches for a clean green world

    Take a break from the world of opulent lifestyle, high-tech gadgets, avant-garde technology and peek in to the eco-world of Greenlaunches – Solar power via Space Solar is out of reach (Eco-Concept) Shanghai Tower – The greenest and the tallest … Continue reading

    The Spy Watch

    The Spy watch isn’t meant for a secret agent, but takes the optical brand Spy into an arena that they have never explored before. As designer Smith Newnam explains, “I chose Spy Optic for their stylish and well defined image. … Continue reading

    Happy Cup brings a smile to its face

    A smile can be very infectious; it spreads rapidly to engulf whoever comes in its way. A smile can depict a thousand emotions; it can convey a silent message. The Happy Cup by Victor Barish brings a smile to our … Continue reading

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