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    Tweety and me on a the same bench

    Here is a really sweet concept by designer Paul Sandip. We had a great time interviewing him, and this Bird Nest concept is the perfect way to ring in this year for us. The design is basically a bench for … Continue reading

  • Gun Cup 007 encourages peace over a cup of tea

    I would have much preferred coffee, but Tao Ma insists that we resolve our differences over a cup of tea! An oxymoron, Gun Cup 007 propagates peace and harmony with an overbearing design. The gun shaped cup with bullet tea … Continue reading

    Bitten by the Bug Light

    Creepy crawlies restricted to the jungles or zoos are adorable, but a spider in my den is a freaky idea. Bringing the cuteness factor to Little Miss Muffets’ bane is the Bug Light. Bendable legs, a button on the body … Continue reading

    Tetrish dishes out the game in a yummy way

    Seungyoub Oh and I have one thing in common we both are bad losers when it comes to Tetris. The story goes this ways, Oh considered himself to be a King at the game till one Christmas his cousin waltzed … Continue reading

    Minu Tuner alarm clock is not a radio

    If you think you have seen this before, then you are not quite off the mark, because the Minu Tuner is the minute edition of Time tuner. Using the same styling and base model, the Minu Tuner adds a dash … Continue reading

    Tree Lighting Rack

    The Tree Lighting Rack features a bionicle inspired shape and has been created as a multipurpose lighting rack. Made from a single piece of rotational molded plastic and LED lights, the tree is an apt rack plus lighting solution for … Continue reading

    Fan Clock makes paper art complicated

    To kill boredom in grade school I remember making colorful paper fans and distributing it amongst friends. A stark reminder of those carefree days is this Fan Clock by Stanislav Katz. As the clock ticks by, the arms spread open … Continue reading

    Witness Watch by Hay HEUN

    The Witness Watch by Hay HEUN has been totally inspired by the human eye. The two bright red LED rings that you see are replicates of the pupil and the iris. They move in synchronized motions to depict the time. … Continue reading

    My Chumbys fish online aquarium by Bruno Fosi

    Chumby takes your favorite parts of the Internet and delivers them to you in a friendly, always on, always-fresh format. Bruno Fosi takes this idea a step further with his My Chumbys fish online. It’s a way of caring for … Continue reading

    Tukaani pincers are chopsticks for the west

    Crafted from sterling silver the Tukaani is for folks who like to jazz up their cutlery. The makers say that it’s a hand made eating device for Asian food consumers in the West. Luckily there are no boundaries as to … Continue reading

    Leak Buster: tubeBot Pipe robot detects and repairs leaks autonomously

    Putting robotics to its best advantage is the tubeBot Pipe robot. This is the zero-energy solution for detecting leaks in the water supply pipes of the urban drinking water systems of the world. Billions of liters of water are wasted … Continue reading

    Nike DAC: A bag which protects you against crime

    Nike DAC: Design against crime takes birth from the idea of self-protection. Like how the shell of tortoise protects it from harm, or how the superhero uses a shield as self defense. This safe bag is a concept design against … Continue reading

    Designer Illuminated Manhole cover is better than no cover!

    You may wonder what is the need to design a manhole cover. Ask the person who fell into an open one, and broke his bones…he’ll tell you the importance of the cover. It may sound funny at the moment but … Continue reading

    Sexy Teabag Coasters are an awesome way to make teabag-art

    The used teabag usually goes in the dumpster, not unless you’re the sort who re-uses the bag till its done to death. However eventually it does head to the dumpster. My point is; if you’re the ingenious sorts like Yuree … Continue reading

    Nano briefcase transforms into makeshift desk

    Be it a bike or a cab ride, there is nothing to beat the efficiency of a train ride within the city to commute fast and easy. The ride may be short and sweet, but it does have its set … Continue reading

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