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    Underground park design for Abu Dhabi by Thomas Heatherwick keeps the scorching sun away!

    There are cities where building parks simply isn’t possible, because of space-crunches of course. Abu Dhabi could soon have the answer. Instead of squeezing in tiny insignificant parks in every place that has a few square meters of empty space, … Continue reading

  • The NIKElab makes a physical space go digital

    Ever wondered what goes into the creation and conceptualization of a Nike product? Well, residents of cities like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong can now have a peek at the sporting goods manufacturer’s best innovations, thanks … Continue reading

    Mexico City to soon play home to an ultra modern airport

    Airports are big. We all know that for a fact. That fact is also the reason why most architects love designing airports, since they work as oversized canvases and sandboxes they can play with. Recently, TEN arquitectos + SOM + … Continue reading

    The Floating City will enable mankind to live in the sea

    Let’s face the fact that the urban world has expanded horizontally to such an extent, that human beings have now begun living several hundred feet off the ground. Instead, in the future, humankind could soon use the waters of the … Continue reading

    MIT creates robotic arms that can help you do additional chores

    Let’s be honest. There have indeed been a bunch of times when we’ve dearly wished we had more than just two arms. Times like when we’re at the movies, trying to hold on to the popcorn, the nachos, the soda … Continue reading

    SproutsIO technology allows users to Facetime with their urban indoor microfarms!

    Have you always wished to grow fresh strawberries at home? Have space crunches always crushed your farming dreams? Thanks to the SproutsIO indoor microfarming system by the students at MIT Media Lab, all of this could soon be possible! In … Continue reading

    Researchers create robots in an oven by baking pieces of plastic!

    Soon, making robots will be just as easy as baking a fresh batch of cookies on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, literally. Surprised? Well, you ought to be! Researchers at the MIT, the University of Zurich, and the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

    MINI makes more than just compact cars; unveils an illuminated dance floor too!

    BMW’s British automotive marquee MINI wants you to dance, real hard. The company has pulled the veil off this fantastic concept called the MINI Interactive Dance Floor, an LED-packed circle that’ll make you want to show off your moves instantly. … Continue reading

    Mehdi Ghadyanloo paints oversized murals on building facades in Tehran

    After growing wearisome looking at uninteresting and not-so-catchy facades of structures around him, Iranian artist and designer Mehdi Ghadyanloo came up with a fantastic way to brighten up walls in the city of Tehran! With aide from his mural-painting company … Continue reading

    The Fragrance Lab creates personalized perfumes based on people’s traits

    And just we were beginning to imagine that personalized phones, number plates and towels were all we’d get for our bucks, we stumbled across this brilliant and somewhat narcissistic new innovation by The Fragrance Lab. In collaboration with design studio … Continue reading

    The Container Bar is exactly what its name claims it to be!

    Whoever said shipping containers are destined for the trash probably wasn’t thinking hard enough. What we’ve got here is a perfectly great way to use a shipping container to make evenings worthwhile! Say hello to the Container Bar in Austin, … Continue reading

    Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen creates solar-powered dresses

    We’ve always fancied solar panels, but we’ve never thought of wearing these as a fashions statement before. Behold, the dress that charges up your gadgets with green juice and promises to grab eyeballs, at the same time! Designed by Dutch … Continue reading

    Cupetit Concept Store in Taiwan is inspired by cupcakes

    Cupcakes are round and delicious and so is this store that sells them. Located in Taiwan, the Cupetit Concept Store was designed by Taiwanese studio Guoplus Living Design and offers cupcakes and desserts. Completely inspired by the food it sells, … Continue reading

    Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel in the Swiss Alps offers breath-taking views and more

    Looking for the perfect place to lay your tired body in the Swiss Alps this vacation season? Look what we’ve picked out for you! Called the Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel, this one’s literally what its name claims it to be, an … Continue reading

    Phone-shaped Firstcall chair works as an oasis of silence in noisy environments

    Looking for that perfect chair into which you can cozy up and spend hours speaking on a phone? Get rid of your bean bag right away and settle into one of these pretty babies. Called the Firstcall chair, this seating … Continue reading

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