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    Watch designed by Jonathan Knodell is a fashion accessory also

    Redefining the concept of watches, designer Jonathan Knodell has come up with a revolutionary design of curved strapped watched. It is featured with a diamond at both its ends which adds style and elegance to the watch. This watch is … Continue reading

  • Futuristic looking cosmetic case

    This is a design by Jeung Jun Jeong – don’t laugh! I can’t clearly say what this is. It says it’s a three modular cosmetic case. It looks more like some sort of a lamp though… with its bulb like … Continue reading

    Chic concept Air Chess Set by Yar Rassadin

    Even if you hate playing chess, you are sure to fall madly in love with this stylishly designed concept chess set. Designed by Moscow-based Yar Rassadin, this new concept chess set has been christened Air Chess and is based on … Continue reading

    The Meyerhoffer surfboard for laid back surfers

    Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish designer has developed a new surfboard which is touted to be the most radical leap in surfboard design in the last 50 years. Named the Meyrhoffer board, this surfboard has been shaped like an hourglass to … Continue reading

    OloGun Skateboard by Surf-Rodz is rough and tough

    Lately all the skateboards you see are made of carbon fibre or some other such lightweight material. But OloGun skateboard by Surf-Rodz goes back to its roots. It’s completely blank. no fancy designs and this 72″ board is made out … Continue reading

    Bacus Boo’s wall mounted book holders

    Singaporean designer Bacus Boo (yeah, that is his name, heh) has unveiled his cmart design, 1degOFF at this year SaloneSatellite in Milan. This is defined as ‘quirky yet absurd furniture that draws inspiration from the Chinese mysticism’ and consists of … Continue reading

    Futuristic floors using graphic patterns

    This is a design by Alistair Bramley. This creates futuristic graphical patterns on the floor. These are generated by people initially moving through these spaces would be used to later generate wave patterns that conform to existing paths. I don’t … Continue reading

    Japanese designer blends renaissance art into fashion

    Imagine blending the work of the real artists of the by-gone era into what is new and trendy in fashion these days. It is like a mixture of the titans rather than a clash. A Japanese graduate of Royal Academy … Continue reading

    CD Roll by Pascal Bauer is aesthetically appealing

    CD’s are about as extinct as dinosaurs. So I’m not quite sure why anyone would design a CD Roll, but Pascal Bauer has done just that. At least it looks really good and is quite functional. It makes you nostalgic … Continue reading

    Air 1 Aquarium by Amaury Poudray: A simple piece of art

    The concept of incorporating aquariums into furniture is nothing new. So designers have to really struggle and come up with unique designs to make their aquarium furniture stand out. The latest designer who has managed to make his centerpiece stand … Continue reading

    Coco Hut playhouse

    This house is adorable. It is made of scrap wood and is called the Coco Hut. It is a round sphere playhouse with a cute look. It is mounted over two cut trees and has a small ladder with three … Continue reading

    Veuve Clicquot Comet for luxury at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup polo championship

    Designer Tom Dixon has come up with this brilliant gazebo for Polo lovers called the Veuve Clicquot Comet. The main purpose and inspiration for this was for the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship that will … Continue reading

    Openaire – desk, chair and laptop bag all in one

    This is brilliant! Imagine crunching your desk, chair and laptop bag all into one small thing. This is the Openaire. It is a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, work surface, and chair and consists of a semi-rigid protective sleeve … Continue reading

    Room Room: A novel creation for disaster prone regions by encore heureux + G studio

    ‘Room Room’ is an ingenious creation which has been conceived and developed by encore heureux + G studio. This project was created for the recent Crossing: dialogues for emergency architecture exhibition held at NAMOC (national art museum of china). The … Continue reading

    Animal hide tile collections

    Yay! The furnishing topic again. This one is actually really cool. It is the Croco series of tile collection. As the name goes it is the crocodile hide styles tile collection designed by MaTouche for Hastings Tile and Bath. Not … Continue reading

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