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    Weight Recorder tells weight with tree rings!

    Why stick to the uncomfortable truths spilled out by them conventional weighing scales when you could keep tabs on your load with a fantastically unique scale like this! Called the Weight Recorder, this innovation by Weiche Wu kicks out the … Continue reading

  • Artist Makoto Tojiki creates 3D sculptures with LED strands

    Mixing technology with art has been artist Makoto Tojiki’s field of play since a while now, and these astounding sculptures we just came across have taken our breath away. Part of the No Shadow series, these sculptures are made from … Continue reading

    Euthanasia Rollercoaster, the fun way to die

    Looking for a more fun-filled and thrilling way to die? This rollercoaster ride to hell is probably the best way to go. By designer engineer Julijonas Urbonas who thinks suicides out to be more fun, the Euthanasia Rollercoaster is assured … Continue reading

    Folded Crib home inspired by the art of Origami

    Origami, the subtle art of folding paper to create some exceptional pieces of craft, has long since fascinated people around the globe. Brining the art of origami back home, G & R Studio came up with this concept for a … Continue reading

    LED-packed snowboarding suit glows down ski slopes

    Looking for the perfect way to snowboard out in the dark? Well, here’s a great way to hit the slopes once daylights out, and save you from crashing into oncoming vehicles, given that you wind up on a nearby road. … Continue reading

    Concept Odorico Pordenone expands when parked

    Trailer homes don’t necessarily need to be all cramped up and small. Take the Odorico Pordenone for example. This splendid trailer concept design by designer Jakub Novák, a Czech student hailing from Brno University of Technology, is as futuristic as … Continue reading

    Warmthru Heated Gloves G3 Gloveliners electrically warm your fingers

    With the unusually cold winter taking a toll on just about everyone’s fingers, we stumbled across a great way to keep your digits warm and frost-free. Called the Warmthru Heated Gloves G3 Gloveliners, these beat down the conventional mittens you’d … Continue reading

    Labassin Waterfall Restaurant lets you dine at the foot of a waterfall

    Ever fancied stepping away from the conventionally boring eatery for something more unique and extraordinary? This restaurant in Philippines is bound to grab your attention! Called the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, this one-of-a-kind dining experience is located at the Villa Escudero … Continue reading

    Literati BlackBerry Playbook case inspired by Chinese manuscripts

    Looking for a great way to give your BlackBerry Playbook an aesthetic boost? The Literati does just that. Essentially a bamboo-case designed especially for the Playbook, the Literati was designed by Goods of Desire and beats those conventional plastic cases … Continue reading

    Rainywhere, the portable solar-powered outdoor heated shower

    While outdoors, bathing can turn into a pretty discomforting issue, particularly if you’re camping in a place where the water tends to chill your bones. Sergi Ruiz however, designed this amazing way to enjoy a warm shower out in the … Continue reading

    Skwishy, the youth-friendly fun-filled hair dryer

    Here’s a fun and playful way to dry and style your tresses. Called the Skwishy, this friendly low wattage hair dryer was designed by Devin Mize with the youth market in mind. Safe, fun and extremely practical, the dryer uses … Continue reading

    Oakley Urban Bag carved to perfection for skateboarders and bicyclists

    When you’re out on your skateboard or bicycle, and you’ve got your stuff to carry around, a simple backpack ain’t the best way. Instead, Jules Parmentier’s Oakley Urban Bag seems to be the better way to lug your stuff around … Continue reading

    Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher unveil the future of fashion, complete with stealth mode!

    Fashion today seems to be inclining a little more towards technology. Back in the past, everyone dreamed the future of clothing to be a bunch of plain-white or probably silver-draped nonsense. Designers Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher from Germany, known … Continue reading

    Best of The Rich Traveller

    Top of the news this week has been the Ritz-Carlton’s new brand campaign that says “Let Us Stay With You” in a bid to reach out to guests with rare and special things that characterize true luxury. Nothing defines luxury … Continue reading

    Best of The Rich Traveller

    This week we have some out-of-this-world experiences for our travelers — From a cross-country train experience onboard The Maharajas Express, taking a sip of the World’s most expensive whisky, fly around the world in 22 days or playing at the … Continue reading

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