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    The Furillen Hotel makes for the perfect away-from-technology vacation

    Looking for a way to step away from those ringing mobile phones, the blaring television and your ever-flooded email inbox? Designed by fashion photographer Johan Hellstrom, the Furillen Hotel, a Gotland resort nestled in an abandoned limestone quarry is indeed … Continue reading

  • Prayer mat illuminates when faced towards the holy city of Mecca!

    If divine intervention is what you seek, UK-based Soner Ozenc’s design is bound to have you praying harder. In essence a technology-packed rug, this one illuminates automatically when pointed to the holy city of Mecca. Called the EL Sajjadah, this … Continue reading

    Edible Cinema concept literally enables guests to taste the food on-screen!

    London’s Electric Cinema has just come up with a fabulous way to make you connect to the characters while watching a movie, enabling you to taste just what’s happening on screen, literally! Called the Edible Cinema concept, the audience is … Continue reading

    Rollersuit lets you be reckless and adventurous on smooth floors

    Ever dreamed of tumbling around and rolling down the floor without hurting yourself? Designer Adam Ugolnik’s concept could pretty much turn your dream into reality! Called the Rollersuit, this costume’s basically a rigid polypropylene plastic shell with castors on it. … Continue reading

    The Green Heart Gym harnesses people power into useable electricity

    TGO Green Energy Gym Technology utilizes human power with cardio outdoor gym equipment and then changes it into useable electricity. This consequential electricity derived directly from humans can be used for lighting up the gym space during night time. The … Continue reading

    Philips Design Probes Microbial Home uses waste to create energy at home

    With energy generation turning into a colossal problem as the days go by, with dwindling natural resources and fossil fuels, the world is urgently looking for greener ways to power up. Philips has paved the way to a perfect way … Continue reading

    AirHotel makes living outdoors comfortable

    Now, living comfortably while out in the open and away from the creature comforts and spoils of your own living space, gets easier. AirHotel has paved the way for a fantastic concept that could catch on world over, nestled in … Continue reading

    Life –size Lego forest flourishes in Martin Palace , Sydney

    Hunt for your gumboots and rush to play as the downpour has just began at Lego forest. This Life size forest has emerged from the city streets to mark the launch of the LEGO Festival of Play, a nine-month event … Continue reading

    Gold wedding ring to reveal the time shared between two people

    Wedding rings usually disclose the fact that one is married. However Torafu architects from Japan have designed ‘gold wedding ring’ which gradually changes as the thin silver plating outer coating wipes off to expose a gold band beneath. The designers’ … Continue reading

    Three Sprits floating hotel is a futuristic design with under water facilities

    Polish architect Filip Kurzewski, designed ‘Three Sprits’ which actually are three ships hotels and will be considered as a floating tourist base. The first ship has a ballroom for the guest at their disposal, while the second one has a … Continue reading

    Tree Pod dinning at Thai resorts is a unique dinning experience

    If you are looking forward to enjoy a romantic dinner or a long lazy lunch among the tree tops, then Tree Pod dining will surely attract you. Located 16 feet off the ground, the dining pod is surrounded by blossoming … Continue reading

    Gokey -Tuck your keys safely when you are on the run

    Keys are always an issue to handle while you are running or playing some sports. One usually stuffs it in the socks or in the cushioned bra or ties it on the shoe. Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook Chicago, industrial … Continue reading

    Perfume bottle designed as jewelry

    Alena Fajstova perfume bottle is designed to be elegant, sophisticated and fashionable. The designer feels that often perfume bottles are created to look like as gem or jewelry, so one should flaunt it rather than hiding it. This piece of … Continue reading

    Duncan MCKean designs Chess Set for the blind

    Well I admit nowadays there have been many chess sets designed for blind and visually impaired players. However Duncan MCKean has also created a Chess Set with textured magnets to hold the pieces in place and indicate direction of play … Continue reading

    Thermosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus-shaped heat radiator from Art Lebedev

    If you’ve been searching for ways to make your living space reminiscent of a museum dedicated to prehistoric creatures, we’ve found the perfect showpiece for you! And yes, this one does double up as a pretty efficient heat radiator too! … Continue reading

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