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    Built in back support to help supports on duty EMTs

    Paramedics in emergency ambulance can heave a sigh of relief. All their lives, they are subject to carrying heavy weights that include medical kits that affect their backs in a big way. The Allayant shirt now comes with built in … Continue reading

  • Move tank top shocks you into perfecting pilates

    Not a lot of us prefer having a gym trainer breathing down our necks, scaring us into exercising. For those who prefer working out alone, the Move tank top we stumbled across recently is an impartial Pilates trainer developed by … Continue reading

    Unique way to make use of what’s available

    There are times when space is less, or you are in the outdoors have very limited resources. Sometimes, it might just be for sake of creativity, but we humans, have learnt to adapt and make the most of what is … Continue reading

    Sustainable eco bag transforms into a hanger, origami style

    In today’s world, the hunt is on for developing everything with a sustainable approach. One such effort by designers Hyojun Jeon, Younha Hwang and Minjae Kwan has been to create a paper bag which when folded transforms into a clothes … Continue reading

    Whaletale suitcase packs a deployable padded play area for your child!

    Keeping kids entertained while travelling isn’t really easy and requires a lot of patience and essentially, a safe place to play. Now finding a hygienic spot for your toddler to crawl around while you wait for your flight isn’t really … Continue reading

    Coffeebrewer concept enables you to make gourmet coffee on the go!

    Though others may beg to differ, sipping an instant coffee is nothing more than a tasteless caffeine shot. For the true aficionados of all that’s brewed, laying hands on a fresh and pleasant cup of coffee on the go isn’t … Continue reading

    Use-of-Force Training Helmet keeps your skull safe and sound

    Having your head knocked around isn’t really a fun-filled experience and more often than not leads to severe repercussions. Keeping head injuries at bay, the Use-of-Force Training Helmet guarantees to save your skull from Blunt-Trauma and repeated impacts. In essence … Continue reading

    Colored water droplets make music using a webcam

    Audible Colors was developed with the goal of using colored water droplets to produce the sounds of music. Basic colors red, blue, and green correspond to the musical notes A, D, and F and when these colors further combined to … Continue reading

    Idiha Design’s The Loop takes showering to a whole new circle

    It looks something right out of the Star Wars movies. Italian based designer Idiha Design has unveiled The Loop, a 214x100x217 cm shower. Designed by Diego Granese for Idiha it turns water into a splashing circular array of showering functions. … Continue reading

    Whaletale – A foldout Luggage accessory to lounge

    Designed as a student project by Daye Kim, the Whaletale is a luggage accessory that you can fold out to create a hygienic blanket where you can lounge. It has enough space to accommodate two kids at the same time … Continue reading

    Trainwall- personal climbing wall

    The main disadvantage of outdoor sports is that the sport becomes restricted as it depends on weather condition. It would be very convenient if we could carry out our outdoor sports activities in spaces such as houses, offices, schools with … Continue reading

    Kids will no longer hate to take medicines with Dr. Joy Cute Pill Dispenser

    Well, parents can rejoice, as they no longer have to raise their voices or force their kids to have medicines because Dr Joys Pill Dispenser for children designed by Kim Yeji, Kim Dohyung, Kim Bomi is here. All the kids … Continue reading

    Life is beautiful with the justWink App

    When was the last time you uttered a line of love for your mate? When was the last time you got your bestie a greeting card? Don’t let technology take the love away from your life instead use it to … Continue reading

    The Hidden Water Pool concept works as a patio too!

    Mixing architecture with technology has more often than not sprouted up pleasingly sound designs, like the Hidden Water Pool. A perfect addition to an urban home where spreading out isn’t really an option, this concept works as a swimming pool … Continue reading

    NOAH Cradle By VanJoost is a beautiful hand crafted wood crib

    Design, comfort and functionality are usually the three considerations while deciding on a piece of furniture. On the otherhand, creative value is another preference for artlovers. Noah cradle a beautiful hand crafted wood crib is for such art minded people. … Continue reading

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