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    vibrating gloves direct customers around supermarkets using force feedback

    Soon, those pesky and unhelpful boards set up in supermarkets that are supposed to direct you to your aisle but simply don’t, could turn obsolete. Instead, retailers in future could make use of gloves that use vibration feedback to direct … Continue reading

  • Biofeedback Program helps relieve students of pre-examination stress

    Pre-examination stress isn’t the most enjoyable of experiences and in an attempt to relieve its students of the same; the Iowa State University’s Student Counseling Center has been putting its Biofeedback Program to use. With three programs in place called … Continue reading

    Creepy shoes that plays clips of Lars Ulrich speaking

    Everyone who knows how Lars Ulrich sounds knows that his accent can be imitated and used in jokes. But imagine his voice playing repeatedly through a shoe that you may be wearing. Not just any shoe, a sneaker designed by … Continue reading

    Lighted indoor/outdoor tent Lyhty to take away your winter blues

    Long winter months where you normally have about 4 hours of overcast daylight can really have an effect on you. The gloominess spreads and makes you feel restless at times. The best way to take care of that? Well, the … Continue reading

    The new Ice Hotel by Discover the World lets you watch the aurora borealis!

    Discover the World has been known for its expertise in Ice Hotels. The firm has now pulled the veil off its newest Ice Hotels at the Swedish Lapland that will be made functional this winter. The Ice Hotels include the … Continue reading

    P³i Design Lab designs bio-medical clothes that will heal and provide warning signs

    Designed at the P³i Design Lab at Northumbria University using a new breed of smart garments, the new fabric used for clothes will help heal chronic wounds caused by diabetes as well as provide medical professionals with alerts in case … Continue reading

    Intruder detecting curtains could be the next best anti-theft systems

    Designed the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM in Berlin, the intruder detecting curtains are the newest way of stopping the menacing creating thieves in your neighborhood. The system contains a fine lattice of conductive threads interspersed among the … Continue reading

    Re-Feed an indoor desk composter to feed your plants

    Re-Feed is a student concept by Fanny Nilsson from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London. It’s an indoor composter to feed your houseplants with some liquid nourishment. It is an indoor composting system for city habitants that can … Continue reading

    QR-code-clad room links directly to pornographic websites!

    QR codes are quickly catching on, and there’s simply no denying that. So, when fashion designer Antoine Peters set about designing a room, QR codes seemed like the next best way to cover the walls, instead of traditionally dull wallpaper. … Continue reading

    IKEA opens floating market in London to display its newest collection

    When space on solid land falls short, human-kind begins to use the water surface to its advantage. Furniture retail giant IKEA has just taken to the waves, introducing floating markets in Regent’s Canal in North London that will have on … Continue reading

    GPS shoes that can take you home from anywhere in the world

    Fame British design Dominic Wilcox has unveiled the GPS shoe. The shoe is claimed to take you home from anywhere in the world. Just enter your home address and the GPS located in the shoe’s heel will guide you home … Continue reading

    Wash your baby’s hair with the fantastic Boon Flo – mini waterfall and bubble bath dispenser

    It is quite scary while washing a young one’s hair. Especially considering how powerful the tap force sometimes are. But then you can use some sort of device that can make it safer for babies. With the Flo, a gentle … Continue reading

    Beauty Bar, the mobile beauty-salon gives you a makeover on-the-go

    Tired of skipping down to your neighborhood beauty salon every now and then? Designer Daria Churilova hailing from Moscow has just come up with this spectacular salon on wheels, that drives up to your door! Basically a mobile beauty salon … Continue reading

    Custom designed wheelchairs for the Paralympic basketball games

    A unique wheelchair developed with UK Sport funding at Loughborough University’s Sports Technology Institute, which is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is being used by the British men’s and women’s Paralympic basketball team. The seat … Continue reading

    Healthcare goes tech-packed with these portable gadgets enabling on-the-go health-checkups

    Technology is quickly turning into one of the best ways to keep tabs on your health, without having to visit your doctor time and again for a check-up. With gadgets and consecutive applications being designed enabling you to keep complete … Continue reading

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