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    H&M goes green; kicks off initiative to recycle clothes

    Fashion retailer H&M is known for its imaginative thinking. Keeping up with its efforts to go green and sustainable, the company has recently come up with a recycling initiative that will have environment lovers smiling. The company will launch the … Continue reading

  • Solar powered floating school built in Bangladesh

    In areas prone to flooding, setting up infrastructure can prove worthless. So, in Bangladesh, a non-profit organization called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has come up with a fantastic way to provide students with year-round education facilities, using a fully-equipped floating school! … Continue reading

    Give Your Family the Benefits of Modern Technology

    Modern technology is something which affects the lives of all of us to some degree. Whether you now buy everything online, use your phone for hundreds of different of uses or watch films at home the same way you do … Continue reading

    Scientists develop invisibility cloaking metamaterial

    We’ve all dreamed of turning invisible at some point of time. Now, Duke University scientists David Smith and Nathan Landy have come up with the near-perfect way to go invisible! Their concept pretty much resembles the invisibility cloak from the … Continue reading

    LED lit wine-cellar gives designer Jamie Beckwith’s an eye-pleasing touch

    LED lights, when used correctly, are an assured way to spice up the dullest and most dreary places. This fantastic overhauled wine-cellar we had the pleasure to spot lately just proves the awesomeness of LEDs! By interior designer Jamie Beckwith, … Continue reading

    ‘Moveable Movie Theater’ spreads cheer amongst tsunami-victims

    Natural-disaster hit victims do face a terrible share of problems, given the fact that they lose their homes, their livelihoods and the better parts of their lives. Designer Yusuke Yamamoto has come up with an ideal way to spread some … Continue reading

    Samsung educates Africa

    If they can’t take, you give. Samsung, the wonderful company that makes some of the most beautiful devices for mankind, has proved that their heart is as golden as their product success. In order to address the lack of education … Continue reading

    Pamukkale, a white wonderland of terraced pools!

    Mother Nature is indeed one of the world’s best designers. No designer in the history of the world has ever been able to match up with the designs put forth by nature itself, designs that are the epitome of perfection. … Continue reading

    “The Hear Heres” installation brings you closer to nature’s sounds

    Nature is a creator of music that we urban folk more often than not pay no heed to. London architecture firm Studio Weave has now come up with an ideal way to bring you closer to the world’s best musician, … Continue reading

    Rolling Huts, a camping experience packed with creature comforts

    There comes a point of time when we all need to step away from the luxuries of our urban homes and experience life with a different taste. These cheerful huts we came across lately are the ideal way to break … Continue reading

    Apartment made from ping pong balls!

    Tired of using the good old brick and mortar homes that the rest of the world lives in? Well, you could look around for some exceptionally unconventional building materials and craft a shelter above your head with the same, like … Continue reading

    A Sens’it’ive vision

    Sens’it’ve is an eye wear … for blind people. Ironic, but a brilliant design. It not only offers a sense of the person’s surroundings, but also as a protective head gear. A flash individual school project, its main objective is … Continue reading

    Smart underwear keeps bedsores at bay with electricity

    People suffering mobility problems usually suffer from a skin disorder called bedsores. Also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, these develop over time and are difficult to treat and live with. The doctors at the University of Calgary recently … Continue reading

    Artist turns weapons into musical instruments

    Weapons are harbingers of death. Giving these tools of destruction a better shot at life, Mexican artist Pedro Reyes has come up with this beautiful piece of art. In essence a stringed instrument made from firearms, this one is part … Continue reading

    German Bank uses art installation to display its annual report!

    You know a bank is trendy when it skips the boring and extremely dull paper-based annual reports and uses an art installation to prove its worth instead. The L-Bank, State Bank of Baden-Wuerttember will now give the interested audience a … Continue reading

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