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    Fire Shelter 01, an oasis of warmth by SHJWorks

    There are pieces of architecture that stand out on horizons, like this beautifully designed hut that adorns a Copenhagen park. Designed by Danish studio SHJWorks, the egg-shaped hut was the brainchild of architect Simon Hjermind Jensen and his team. Called … Continue reading

  • Eye-catching art installation made using UV lighting and glowing threads

    Threads and UV lights have never been used this brilliantly before. Conceptualized and developed by artist Jeongmoon Choi from Korea, this beautiful glowing art installation involves the use of UV-light-friendly threads. These are then paired with cleverly installed UV lights. … Continue reading

    Velopresso, the eco-friendly mobile coffee-shop

    Looking for a hot cup of coffee on the go? Well, the Velopresso’s here to the rescue! A trike that dishes out coffees on the go, literally, this mobile espresso bar was designed and developed by coffee-loving bikers, Amos Reid … Continue reading

    Marc Newson’s Body Jet, the new mode of transport!

    Tired of driving or riding around? Has the mass-transit system of your urban paradise failed to live up to your expectations? Well, here’s a new way to get around, one that’ll surely catch the eyes of everyone you soar above! … Continue reading

    Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, the cloth that plays music

    Musical instruments are some of the best creations of mankind. Music as we know it, is the language of souls. Designer Luiz Zanotello’s Nama, an art installation with a touch of music, reflects just that. In essence a fabric hooked … Continue reading

    Rotterdam Floating Pavilion, the floating pavilion that could resemble future cities

    European countries, Netherlands in particular, will be vulnerable to the rising sea levels, thanks to the harm we’ve inflicted on our planet. As a solution to an impending doom, Dutch firms Deltasync and PublicDomain Architects have come up with a … Continue reading

    The easy to setup and extremely accommodating Emergency Shelter

    Emergency shelters are designed to be deployed quickly and withstand the elements. Carter Williamson Architects from Australia recently came up with these fantastic Emergency Shelters that are extremely easy to setup, require minimal materials and can shelter people in catastrophic … Continue reading

    Heartwalk Valentine’s Day installation to be made from Hurricane Sandy debris!

    This Valentine’s Day, visitors to the Times Square in New York will be greeted with a unique heart-shaped boardwalk designed by Brooklyn-based Situ Studio. What makes the Heartwalk special are the materials used to building this installation. The Heartwalk is … Continue reading

    Root Vases by Giorgio Bonaguro are unique and unconventional

    When designer Giorgio Bonaguro decided to design a vase, he stepped away from the conventional and came up with an extremely eye-catching and interestingly beautiful concept called the Roots Vases. Sporting an outer clear glass cylinder joined with an internal … Continue reading

    Powerbag charges up portable devices on the go

    Running out of charge and having to scamper around to find a place to plug in your devices on the go isn’t something you’ll need to worry about any longer, if you buy one of these exceptional backpacks that is. … Continue reading

    Haam, the wheeled carry-on bag concept for school kids

    Younger children are known to dread school for several reasons, particularly the heavy bags they’re made to lug around. These can indeed affect a child’s physical development and cause several health concerns. Product designer Yuree Lim came up with the … Continue reading

    Pavegen pavement tiles generate energy from footfalls!

    Generating energy from coal-fired plants and fossil fuels is a human indulgence of the past. With life slowly being choked out of the environment, human-kind desperately needs to resort to newer and more efficient ways of powering up. Laurence Kemball-Cook’s … Continue reading

    Microsoft’s pillows send hugs over the internet

    Have you been longing for a hug from your best friend who’s moved out of town? Here’s a fantastic way to feel the warmth of a friendly hug over a distance! By Microsoft, these battery powered, internet-enabled pillows enable users … Continue reading

    The adjustable AdaptAir makes Bubble CPAP therapy for kids more effective

    A child’s breathing mechanism may be just like an adult’s, but doctors keep in mind the fragility of younger organs. This is one of the reasons why the respirators used to make adults breathe easy aren’t used on kids in … Continue reading

    Minki Cheng designs end-of-the-world survivor clothes

    Well, we are all alive after all and the Mayans were proved wrong. The world hasn’t ended and we’re all still stuck in our mechanical lives. However, if you’re still under the impression that the world could end and you … Continue reading

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