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    Breathe comes handy for ‘yardless’ planters

    Are you one of those who has a profound interest in gardening but are unable to pursue it because you’re apartment does not have a balcony or yard? Don’t fret, because technology has grown sufficiently so as to let you … Continue reading

  • Eggstremes by Jonas Lonborg

    Designer Jonas Lonborg has designed the most adorable concept pair of egg cups. Christened the Eggstremes, the two egg cups are designed distinctly and stand apart from each other. One flaunts a unique “spikey” appearance while the other glitters with … Continue reading

    Unique Wine Bottle holder from Animi Causa

    Many of us have wine bottle holders in our home. But for those who wish to display their favorite bottle of wine in a unique way, the wine bottle holder from Animi Causa is definitely a must have. The nickel-plated … Continue reading

    With UFO Share your food with Birds!

    It huts to use even disposable plates and cups at picnics, since recycling the disposed plates is again an ordeal. The UFO, Unidentified Feeding Object is a unique concept that is actually a disposable picnic plate but is made from … Continue reading

    Touch, smell and taste your online experience with Sense

    CD&I Associates has designed Sense as a part of the “La Fin Du Design” Exhibition. It is a clever device that seeks to create a more sensitive and emotional connection between users and their online, movie, and gaming experiences. The … Continue reading

    Families can now bond over ‘cooking’ at the table!

    A family that eats together stays together is a phrase that’s been around for a while now. But the latest development on the phrase has been that ‘a family that cooks together stays together’. And rightly so, especially with this … Continue reading

    Make tea conveniently with Ignotus

    There can be nothing more stylish than Ignotus that is a concept metal made container designed like a samovar that can boil water and make quality tea for users. It contains an internal fire tank filled with coal or charcoal … Continue reading

    Rotating kitchen by Zeger Reyers

    Every artist has his/her own unique vision. Not all are able to understand the logic or the idea behind every artist’s unique creations. Here is one bizarre piece of art that has baffled me to no end. Artist Zeger Reyers’ … Continue reading

    Teapot that pours itself by a simple touch

    A simple touch, teapot gets inclined and tea is served. A smooth, roly-poly teapot with a slender spout and a metal stand, such a teapot is made possible by Joaquim Bastos a student in the final year of the Industrial … Continue reading

    Rabbit Bread By Shu-Han Yang

    These rabbits flying in the air and the rest cutting loaves certainly generates curiosity of the on looker. They are actually the result of hard work by Shu-Han Yang an animator/ 3D generalist from New York. He has named his … Continue reading

    Classic bowl goes spherical

    Traditionally soup was always served in a serving bowl called the ‘tureen’. But it’s the 21st century now and the usual round, deep, oval shaped tureen has undergone a makeover courtesy Apostol Tnokovski. This innovative designer has designed the new … Continue reading

    Husmus is a cute recycling system for your kitchen

    Now there is a cute and stylish way to dispose off the garbage. ‘Husmus’ is the name of the new recycling system bin We Muungano. Husmus means the ‘house mouse’ and the name fits the design very aptly considering the … Continue reading

    Hugo Kitchen is made entirely in glass

    I don’t fancy cooking, but if you give me a kitchen like the Hugo Kitchen, one of the latest designs of the Valcucnine brands, one of the biggest Italian brands, then I would even live my life in the kitchen … Continue reading

    Weird Kitchen takes a 360 degree turn to depict an earthquake

    Whether we admit or not, we are all drawn to destruction, violence even if not implied by us. Don’t we always stop at the highway to have a better look of the car wreck? Reflecting this tendency of ours, this … Continue reading

    ‘Soil Cutlery’ by Vladimir Rachev

    Vladimir Rachev is doing quite a noble deed, with the increasing artificial vegetation et al, the designer fears we may just forget the origins of the basic food. He fears we may never learn to appreciate the nature and earth … Continue reading

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