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    Mr & Mrs Tea set represents the perfect family

    Tea-time is the perfect time for some chit-chatting and family bonding. We are all proud of our families and would always like to have their love and support all our lives. Here a set of three pots that has of … Continue reading

  • Picasso inspired Coffee maker

    Here’s a coffee maker that’s named after an artist. This yellow and red coffee maker is shaped like a weird birdie and I’m wondering how it is inspired by a famous artist, that too Picasso! Going by its description, it … Continue reading

    The ‘O’ kitchen with ultra-futuristic features

    I’ve seen some pretty futuristic kitchen concepts alright, but none as revolutionary as the ‘o’ kitchen. Once I launch the list of its high-tech gizmoz, you’d want me to stop, because its too much to believe! I’ll shoot anyways. The … Continue reading

    Bobble reusable water bottle with filter by Karim Rashid

    Industrial designer Karim Rashid is popular for his wacky and mind-blowing designs, but the fact he could churn out ecological designs with consideration for the environment, is a revelation for us. Karim Rashid has collaborated with Move Collectible, LLC to … Continue reading

    Lecygne- A classy napkin holder

    While organizing a lunch or dinner for friends, we pay attention to the minutest of details in selecting the crockery, choosing the table napkins, laying the table etc. But when it comes to laying the table napkins we do not … Continue reading

    Maracas coffee shaker is fun and frolic

    If you are a big connoisseur of percussion instruments, it’s pretty natural to assume that you would like to incorporate the act of ‘graceful shaking’ in everything that you do. Here’s a product designed by Italian designer Roberto Giacomucci that … Continue reading

    Vin Eau Carafe by Scott Henderson

    I love designer cutlery. And I am always on the lookout to add new sets to it. The beautiful Vin Eau Carafe and two cups set is the most perfect addition to my cutlery collection. Designed by Scott Henderson the … Continue reading

    Dish Drainer Geo is a class apart

    Dish drainers are one of the most common appliances in every kitchen. The large size of ordinary dish drainers makes it really hard to find a storage space. But the new Dish Drainer Geo designed by designer Jorre van Ast … Continue reading

    Egg and Shell bowl are made for egg lovers

    This one goes out to all the egg lovers out there. The egg bowl with a shell bowl is a concept that also allows interaction to happen between the user and the preparation of eggs. The egg bowl has a … Continue reading

    Triangle+ functions as a dustbin as well as dustpan

    The discarding chore of the dustbin is always accompanied by a dustpan. Why use two things when you can efficiently function with one? The Triangle+ is a tool that functions both as a dustbin as well as dustpan, the difference … Continue reading

    Now stir the coffee with your finger minus the embarrassment

    I’m many times stuck in an awkward situation where I land up without a stirrer or a spoon to stir my coffee. The urge to use my finger to do it is so strong during such times but in a … Continue reading

    Concept dog food dispenser by Andrea Carolin

    Worried who will feed your pooch while you are at work? Well, designer Andrea Carolina offers a solution with her unique concept device for food. The unique device is a dispenser that requires you to fill the quantity and time … Continue reading

    Smile while sipping from the Smile cup!

    This has been the perfect thing to write about while starting the day. The smile cup, is a very cute coffee mug or a tea cup (can be used as either) that’s a simple design and yet is so extra-ordinary. … Continue reading

    Waste processing unit by Faltazi

    Designers Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot of Faltazi have designed a conceptual waste recycling unit called Ekokook. This project aims at processing kitchen and house wastes as close as possible to the place where they are produced that is the … Continue reading

    Simply Espresso from Stelton lets you enjoy your coffee outdoors

    Coffee makers are getting popular by the day with their ability to brew out the very beverage that keeps us going strong and vivacious the whole day. But honestly, I’m not the type of person who would like to invest … Continue reading

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