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    The Babegg, a milk bottle in an egg

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, had a great fall, and Poof! He turned into a milk bottle! Babies love milk, since that’s the only beverage they drink and they love playful little ways to drink milk too. An enjoyable … Continue reading

  • The Big Bang egg-popping steamer

    We all loved steamed eggs. They are tasty and full of nutrition. Well, how about using the Big Bang for that perfect egg on your breakfast plate? And no, don’t shock yourself; we aren’t talking about the Big Bang Theory … Continue reading

    The sleek SLIK wine pourer

    Wine suits certain occasions with style. And there certainly is no better way to pour a wine, than have a little contraption do it for you, leaving everyone else impressed. Well, to aid you in your wine-pouring exploits, Rochelle Wellhausen … Continue reading

    Raise a toast to ‘Toast it’ coasters!

    Normally you keep the toast on the plate but with ‘Toast it’ you keep the plate on the toast. Now let’s be a little clearer and not create an enigma here. ‘Toast it’ are basically coasters which are made of … Continue reading

    The Plant Pot, a pot and a saucer combined

    What do a potted plant and a saucer have in common? Nothing! But combining these to does come to some good. And that’s exactly what German designer, Uli Budde thought of when he came up with what he simply refers … Continue reading

    The Electrolux Tinno robot cook

    Ever flopped back home on your sofa after a tiring day at work, wishing somewhat would cook you a piping hot dinner? Well, this new little contraption by Electrolux could just fulfill that wish of yours. Bringing a restaurant back … Continue reading

    Living Kitchen with walls that move

    The living project is pretty cool and it has some moving parts. You will find here faucets shooting out at your head, trays and containers that pop out, etc. It sounds like a mad kitchen. Designer Michaël Harboun thinks this … Continue reading

    Concept Exterior Trash Can is a beauty

    The true talent of a designer lies not just in creating something new, but also breathing new life into otherwise dull objects. Designer Oliver Nickolic has done just that with the amazing concept Exterior Trash Can. Breathing a new life … Continue reading

    Alfredo Coffee Cup…hug it to hold it!

    I love my hot cup of coffee. It helps me snap out of slumber and get into action for a long day of work. And nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee on a winter evening; I can hold … Continue reading

    Unique Xylophone Bin made for charity auction

    The unique Xylophone Bin from Dominic Wilcox caught my eye courtesy its unique design and functionality. Made way back in 2008 for a VVIP charity auction to raise money for Chernobyl Children’s Project International and Foodbank NYC, it truly is … Continue reading

    Teabags with Calendar

    Tea is the last thing I can think of while checking the dates but can’t say the same for designer Cho Hee Ha as he has designed these Calendar Teabags. The Calendar Teabags includes a variety of tea packaged as … Continue reading

    The Mixed Emotion Cocktail bottle for the many human emotions

    Human emotions are a part of everything we do, so here is a concept that runs on the lines of selling a mix of emotions and vodka, envisaged by José Louis García Eguiguren, a student in Barcelona, Spain. Human feelings … Continue reading

    Tea = time + Sugar = time by Erez Bar-am

    If there is one thing I love it is sipping my cup of tea without a care in the world. But the hectic lifestyle rarely permits me to sit down and enjoy my cup of tea. Designer Erez Bar-am’s, concept … Continue reading

    Green Cuisine by Philip Design

    With Philip Design’s unique concept eco-friendly kitchen, cooking on the dining table will become a common practice in every household. Christened, the Green Cuisine, this unique eco-friendly concept comprises of kitchen table that helps you prepare your meal in just … Continue reading

    The Cookin Table is aesthetically crafted

    Designer Young-Chan Choo has beautifully crafted the cookin table and loaded it with intelligent features. Built low to the ground with a glass table top, it fulfils the dual purpose of cooking and serving. Retractable wooden shelves below the glass … Continue reading

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