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    Small Type: Compact Kitchen prototype

    Compact kitchens have become the need of the hour, courtesy compact modern homes. German designers Kirstin Laass and Norman Elbeit have paid heed to this need and created a prototype compact kitchen dubbed the Small Type. This compact modular kitchen … Continue reading

  • Travel Kitchen: Portable kitchen unit lets you cook anywhere

    Do you find yourself cooped-up in the kitchen for hours on end preparing meals? Well, with this new Travel Kitchen, you can be part of the world outside the four walls of your kitchen and yet have the meals ready … Continue reading

    Instant Dishwasher: Perfect appliance for modern compact homes

    Today’s fast paced lifestyle requires “instant” and “compact” gadgets. So when it comes to dishwashers too, today’s generation wants the “instant and compact” solution. This is mainly because of the compact homes that are short on space and hence can’t … Continue reading

    Elevate Utensils help avoid mess and increase hygiene

    It’s amazing how a small change can make a big difference. Take for instance these unique Elevate Utensils by designer Gillian Westley. On first glance they look like ordinary utensils, but on a closer look you will notice a slight … Continue reading

    UNA Toy Kitchen for visually impaired children is amazing

    Industrial Designer Job Buenazedacruz needs to be applauded for his efforts for making play time more fun for the visually impaired children. The designer has created the amazing UNA, an innovative toy kitchen that lets visually impaired children have some … Continue reading

    KINZO designs jet-style kitchen for Hamburg family

    Courtesy Berlin based architecture and design office KINZO, your kitchen will boast of the same design and style as an aircraft. In fact, KINZO has actually created this high-tech jet inspired kitchen for a family in Hamburg. The kitchen boasts … Continue reading

    The KitchenAid Variable Grill

    This contemporary styled grill is a beauty to behold. Designed by Roberto Bertran, the top surface of the grill is made of glass while the bottom is made of metal. The top face contains 140 independent heating surfaces and the … Continue reading

    The U-grow by Tom Gould, an indoor growing concept for your own little bit of greenery

    Always dreamt of a huge, beautiful and flourishing garden with colorful butterflies dancing in the sunlight, but ended up living in a cramped out apartment instead? Well, here’s something that you’d absolutely love. The U-grow indoor growing concept. Usually, people … Continue reading

    “Heart of the Home” kitchen concept by Electrolux

    If you are culinary enthusiast and love to experiment in the kitchen, Electrolux’s latest concept is for you. The unique kitchen concept comprises of a table dubbed the “heart of the home”. The platform of the table is a hi-tech … Continue reading

    The Outdoor Kitchen draws people into their gardens

    Electrolux has launched the Outdoor Kitchen, designed by landscape designer Jamie Durie. It features the Electrolux Integrated Barbeque and the new Electrolux Integrated Burner. It is a remarkable addition to the Electrolux outdoor entertaining portfolio with as much emphasis on … Continue reading

    Battericine pill container by Adityaraj Dev

    This battery shaped Battericine pill container in red and black catches the eye. Designed by Adityaraj Dev, its top and bottom part can be click fitted and easily removed. With a transparent section showing the contents of the container, we … Continue reading

    Days burn away with the Unusual Corporate Calendar

    As months and days fly by, your calendar goes thinner too, tearing away pages. Well, how about using a calendar day as a match instead? Known as the Unusual Corporate Calendar, a name befitting the product, this one was designed … Continue reading

    Cappuccino Coffee Stick

    If instant coffee makers are still too slow for you then this concept Cappuccino Coffee Stick is just what you need. The most advanced way to make a quick cup of coffee by designer Heo Jeong Im; it involves a … Continue reading

    A dustpan with huge capacity to hold dirt

    This beautiful dustpan with a brush swallows dust in its ‘bin-like’ belly. Designed by Veronika Gombert, its advantage over regular dustpans is that it can be carried from one room to other without any fear of spilling dirt on the … Continue reading

    Modular kitchen design by Boxetti

    This compact kitchen by Boxetti is smart, vibrant and alive. It is an artistic expression by itself. Being a modular kitchen design, it can be configured to suit our needs and space availability. It gives a clean, minimalist look with … Continue reading

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