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    Innovative countertop that un-clusters your kitchen, the Soria

    Step inside your home’s kitchen and have a look around. Extensive counters, too much space wastage and a load of mess. Designer Victor Xavier came up with this kitchen counter, that’s a world away from the ones we have at … Continue reading

  • Compact telescope structured grill

    On a great day to camp, this grill would be heaven sent! This compact portable compact grill with telescopic structure has got more functions than meets the eye. The grill cover can be used as a pan and the grate … Continue reading

    Wave-inspired dish dryer

    This dish dryer concept is inspired by the sea wave movement. There is a clip where you can add as many of the dryers as you wish, next to each other depending on how many dishes and crockery is to … Continue reading

    Cutlery set with smiley faces that stare back at you

    So when was the last time you looked down at your plate and found a face looking back at you? Here’s a set of tableware that does just that. A bowl, a dessert plate and a dinner plate, all with … Continue reading

    Baíta Design’s alphabet mugs

    Sipping on a hot mug of your favorite caffeine delight hasn’t been all that unique anymore. So, Baíta Design came up with these fantastically designed mugs with a touch of the alphabet! This collection of mugs shuns the use of … Continue reading

    The Level ice box keeps your beverages chilled in the outdoors

    We’ve all been faced with that horrid moment of finding our once-chilled bottle of beverage now lukewarm while outdoors. To keep your beverages cooled and parch your throat while out in the sunny outdoors, Byron Lee came up with the … Continue reading

    Bus Tray by Matias Conti

    The Bus Tray is a genius concept creation created by designer Matias Conti. An efficient creation it is designed to function as a lunchtime tray as well as a suitable surface to work in. Sure to be loved by travellers, … Continue reading

    “Poor Little Fish” basin encourages you to save water

    In a unique attempt to get people to save water, designer Yan Lu has come up with the unique “Poor Little Fish” basin. Te Poor Little Fish basin comprises of a fish bowl and a basin. When the user starts … Continue reading

    The William concept stove top

    We have come across many concept kitchens and stoves. But none leave an impression like “The William” stove-top concept. The smart stove top is unlike the common ones you find these days and is exceptionally great if you have a … Continue reading

    Aesthetic ideas meet coffee machines with designer Dror Goldblum four-legged espresso maker

    Need a hot cuppa? Check this one out. Designer Dror Goldblum came up with this espresso machine, that stands up on four legs and looks just great, enhancing the aesthetic feel of your room. No longer is the espresso maker … Continue reading

    Philips Co-Chef: Concept cooking assistant by Bram Shreuders

    Designer Bram Shreuders has designed a concept Co-Chef for Philips in the Domestic Appliances Project. The concept for a healthy kitchen appliance was developed at the Deft University of Technology. It aims to remove all insecurities a cook may face … Continue reading

    Wirio by Sebastian Popa

    Here is another awesome concept portable kitchen. Dubbed the Wirio, it is the brainchild of designer Sebastian Popa. Listed as one of the top 25 best projects of the Electrolux Design Lab 2009, it is truly a class apart. The … Continue reading

    Pure Water Bottle by Timothy Whitehead

    Safe drinking water is one of the most essential things to ward of many diseases and ailments. And a trip to Zamibia made designer Timothy Whitehead think of a new idea to create a way to make safe drinking water … Continue reading

    MiCoffee: Concept coffee maker by Carlos Marquez

    If you are trying to fight your caffeine addiction, then we suggest you give this article a skip. However, if you are just discovering the thrills of caffeine, then you definitely can’t give this one a miss. Designer Carlos Marquez … Continue reading

    The wine inside an egg, Colier Sparkling Wine’s weird packaging

    Remember the golden egg Harry Potter fights a dragon to get his hands on in the Goblet of Fire movie? Well, if you aren’t much of a fan of the spectacled little magician, you probably wont known what we’re referring … Continue reading

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