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    Sentino Cook-Top makes cooking easier for the blind

    Cooking just got easier for the visually impaired and the blind. Designer R.D. Silva’s Sentino Cook-Top for the Blind makes cooking a breeze and is essentially designed to make cooking intuitive. Using surfaces and buttons that the visually impaired and … Continue reading

  • Ruscello coffee-cup holder keeps your brew from spilling

    Ringing your coffee back to bed can be a messy affair, particularly if you’re one of those who suffer from butter fingers every morning. Instead, designer Julien Gueuning came up with the Ruscello concept, a coffee-cup stand that’s bound to … Continue reading

    Chiara Daniele’s iFood technologically-advanced kitchen makes use of touch-enabled panels!

    Packing kitchens with just about as much technology as they can hold sure seems to be the best way to get around cooking woes. Take Chiara Daniele’s technology-packed kitchen for one. The iFood concept kitchen makes working your way around … Continue reading

    The Pebble Bottle Opener makes snapping bottle seals open easier

    Opening water-bottles isn’t all that much fun, especially when you’ve got soft pink palms and not hardened brawny ones. To aide in the bottle opening feat, designer Arik Levy came up with the Pebble Bottle Opener. True to its name, … Continue reading

    Warm N’ Cool keeps stores your food refrigerator-style and heats it up too!

    Storing food while in the outdoors can get difficult at times, which is probably why most people who tend to spend days away from home, prefer canned foods. Well, designer Arthur Kenzo put a thought to it all, and came … Continue reading

    Modernistic egg-beater by Hansel Schloupt, the Ergonomix

    We’ve seen egg beaters in our day. These aren’t really meant to be more than just ugly kitchen appliances. This egg-beater however is a paradigm shift away from the conventional and conformist design used these days. Designed by Hansel Schloupt, … Continue reading

    Jad Bek Alshaikh’s Teapot tells the time

    Teapots have always been an essential part of kitchens, right since we can remember. Giving the good old whistling pot of refreshments a touch of technology, designer Jad Bek Alshaikh’s Teapot is anything but ordinary. The pot uses electricity and … Continue reading

    Eco Automatic Sink combines a sink and dishwasher

    Kitchen appliances get smarter and a lot better to use, with technology being blended into traditional kitchens. Take the Eco Automatic Sink for instance, designed by AhhaProject for Electrolux. This one’s basically a sink and a dishwasher mashed up together, … Continue reading

    Roll & Mix, rolling pin and hand-grinding tool combined

    A single concept design that serves two completely different though somewhat related purposes always seem to take the cake, like this Roll & Mix design by Marcial Ahsayane. What seems to be a conventional dough roller splits open from the … Continue reading

    Nutrismart uses RFID tags to give information of food nutrients

    If you’re one of those who likes keeping tabs on your nutrition intake, this concept is sure to make you sit up straight! Designed by Hannes Harms, a German designer based in London, the Nutrismart is essentially a system with … Continue reading

    Designer water bottles encourages reuse by RKS Design for KOR Water

    With the environment on a degrading spree thanks to rising mounds of garbage, tossing away bottles of water isn’t really an option anymore. RKS Designs designed the Aura reusable water bottle for KOR Water. The tapered obelisk-shaped bottle is ergonomically … Continue reading

    Calendar bags, a new trash bag for each day of the year by Yurko Gutsulyak

    Then again there are designs that seem just so practical that we’re left surprised as to just how we’ve been surviving without incorporating them in our lives before. Here’s a design that fits right into our day-to-day routine. Now, we … Continue reading

    Espresso set with ceramics and cork

    This espresso cup and saucer was made using the concept of the traditional ceramics and cork and made to look modern. This was part of the designer’s final project at Kingston University more than 10 years ago. The concept allows … Continue reading

    Double Wall Tea Cup

    Who doesn’t like a catchy and unique mug for that perfect cup of tea in the morning? Not many of us. The Double Wall Tea Cup comes with a tea bag string placer too making it less messy to enjoy … Continue reading

    Audi coffee maker design

    This person was given an assignment to take a brand and make a kitchen line. Lover of autos that he apparently is, the designer, Brendon Maryou, chose Audi. He has made a coffee maker with Audi’s well-known four rings. Maybe … Continue reading

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