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    Vortex-like pot design stirs its contents by itself!

    Give an everyday object a touch of innovative design and the result is bound to be satisfying and revolutionary! Take this cooking utensil for example. In essence a simple pot, this one puts science to good use and was designed … Continue reading

  • Interactive Guinness beer glass sports QR code

    QR Codes seem to be a pretty geeky way to adorn stuff these days, and designers are quickly realising the potential of using these as designs that double up in functionality, turning everyday objects more interactive! Take this innovative glass … Continue reading

    Slim Cup concept by Sharona Merlin is size-zero!

    If you’re one of those who brim their showcases at home with cups and saucers and the like, without using the most of them to sip brew, here’s a concept that’s bound to interest you. With the world of design … Continue reading

    Diesel and Scavolini turn the kitchen into a party space with Social Kitchen

    Kitchens these days have quickly evolved into more than just a room to cook. These spaces have turned into places we spend a considerable amount of time in, and when connected to an adjoining dining room or seating area, kitchens … Continue reading

    Portable grill inspired by traditional Japanese hibachis

    People these days seem to be spending a lot more time cocooned in the comforts of their homes, and have seemingly forgotten the magic of the outdoors. Designer Buck Beymer came up with a contraption to bring people back to … Continue reading

    Designer Aaron Busch unveils one-of-a-kind Tempest Teapot concept

    When designer Aaron Busch set about designing a teapot, he decided to cast it in mild steel. The material being to chunky however, Busch soon tossed the steel away for a ceramic teapot instead that looks and feels extraordinary! Called … Continue reading

    Wave concept kitchen design is avant-garde and futuristic

    Pushing the traditional away from all it’s worth, this concept kitchen design that we came across is as unconventional as ever. By designers Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares from the A-cero architecture studios, this kitchen design was chiseled out for … Continue reading

    Mobile Kitchen Kit for Electrolux shrinks down your kitchen

    Now, lacking a kitchen in your tightly packed home doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t cook up a smoking hot meal! With Elizabeth Reuter’s design for Electrolux, cooking in tight and petite places now gets easier. Called the Mobile Kitchen … Continue reading

    Kruzhkus mug concept by Art Lebedev studios makes enjoying coffee easier!

    The most of us do tend to singe our knuckles while picking up mugs of coffee or tea. Here’s a better way to enjoy your cuppa, without so much has touching your fingers to the hot sides of your early … Continue reading

    Easy-to-use EsPresso Coffee Press efficiently brews single cups of espresso!

    Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee as you welcome a new day, and this coffee maker seems to be just the finest way to make a mug of espresso! By Dave Pickett, the EsPresso Coffee Press is a miniature … Continue reading

    Adi Zaffran’s ultra-minimalist toaster made from ordinary materials

    Designer Adi Zaffran from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design has come up with a brilliant way to bake flat pita bread. Using material you’d probably find at a building construction site, this little oven was designed in a … Continue reading

    Parasite Farm enables you to grow an indoor vegetable garden

    Designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have come up with a fabulous way to bring some green in your living space. Called the Parasite Farm, this full-cycle indoor garden fits right into your living space and enables you to grow … Continue reading

    Mini Kitchen multipurpose appliance saves space and cooks well too

    Kitchens don’t necessarily need to be spread out, around an entire room that is, and designers Adriano Conti, Corrado Galzio and Alex Innamorati have just proved the same with this petite kitchen design. More of a singular console with all … Continue reading

    Origami-mi kitchen set inspired by ancient Japanese art

    Looking for a kitchen set that’s a paradigm shift away from the ordinary? Well, this origami-styled kitchen is bound to please you, with its clever designing that draws inspiration from the Japanese craft. Designed by Olga Kryukova, this kitchen set … Continue reading

    Waffle Maze carves out labyrinths on your waffle, making breakfast entertaining

    Tired of those circular or square-shaped waffles that you’ve been digging into every morning? Looking for a bit of fun at the breakfast table? Sherwood Forlee came up with this simple though interesting design concept for a waffle-maker. Instead of … Continue reading

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