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    Guitar-shaped sink, an unconventional way to rinse your hands

    Doing the dishes or washing up gets a musical touch, thanks to this guitar shaped sink that caught our eye lately. A custom guitar-shaped sink fabricated by Pearidge Concrete and Crafts, the sink can be installed outdoors and indoors as … Continue reading

  • Heart Beat Coffee Cup warns users on coffee over-intake

    Drinking a soothing cup of coffee is indeed one of those moments that make our mornings bearable. Drinking too much of this caffeinated wake-up call could however take a toll on your health. Designer Sun Sichen hailing from Beijing, China, … Continue reading

    Robot-run single-item restaurant chain to serve out perfect burgers!

    Soon, the world could very well be fed by robots, literally. The usual host of white-clad cooks you’ve been used to dishing out food at restaurants could soon be replaced by more meticulous pre-programmed robots. Just how this will affect … Continue reading

    Two any One Electric Oven for those on the road

    Everything is going mobile these days – because people are always on the move. Here is a design by Kim Yohwan who designed a portable electric induction called Two any One Electric Oven. As the name goes, it is an … Continue reading

    Bob coffee set makes coffee drinking an enjoyable experience

    Antonio Celestino from Brazil has designed Bob coffee set which is inspired by dragons and crocodiles and can be used both in office and home. Developed out of stoneware, it is durable enough for daily use. Bob is a set … Continue reading

    DeLonghi unveils the Breakfast Series Brillante line of kitchen appliances

    It is said the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What better way to have this meal than to prepare it in the faceted DeLonghi Breakfast Series Brillante collection? Unveiled at IFA 2012, the appliances are covered … Continue reading

    A chic collapsible and affordable kettle from Cuissential

    With camping or cramped urban apartments with tight kitchen, the biggest problem individuals face is having something that is useful but at the same time, convenient. One such thing is the Slickboil collapsible kettle from Cuissential. The silicon kettle that … Continue reading

    The portable Critter makes cooking outdoors easier

    Cooking outdoors has usually been a matter of camp stoves and portable grills. Never before has cooking been this complete out of a traditional kitchen however and Elia Mangia Design Studio’s Critter is indeed a less-portable though complete way to … Continue reading

    TriScale is a funky weighing scale for your kitchen

    The TriScale is a digital scale that you can fold up and store it in your utensil drawer. It measures 4.5cm x 15cm x 1.5cm when folded and by extending its arms it opens up to give a stable platform … Continue reading

    Eau Good bottle sports an integrated charcoal water filter!

    Back in 17th century Japan, a simple stick of binchotan active charcoal sufficed to purify water and make it potable. Bringing the concept back to life, London based designers Black + Blum have come up with the Eau Good, a … Continue reading

    Grohe Red faucet provides instant access to hot water

    Quick access to crystal clear boiling hot water isn’t a breeze and the best of us are left heating water on kettles these days. Behold the Grohe Red, developed by one of Europe’s largest sanitary fittings manufacturer. In essence a … Continue reading

    DJ Cooker works as a turntable and a cooker!

    Music lovers! Cooking now gets more entertaining with this fantastic out-of-the-box concept by designer Kevin Li Jinhui. Called the DJ Cooker, this device of cooking is a blend of a turntable and a cooker, and lets you play music while … Continue reading

    Coffee on the Go concept turns coffee-making easier!

    Coffee makers could pretty much go obsolete if this concept hits production lines. Called the Coffee on the Go concept, this brilliant innovation by Upasana Simha uses a design similar to a French press coffee maker. Compact and functional as … Continue reading

    Electric Coffee Maker is divided geometrically to save space

    Remember when all coffee makers looked the same? Well, with changing times, human tastes change too, not for coffee, though for design. Designer Alexander Yakushin’s Electric Coffee Maker concept breaks the barriers of traditional coffee-maker designs and sports a more … Continue reading

    DesignLibero’s Fluidic concept integrates a dish-drying-rack and a potted plant!

    Looking for the perfect way to dry your dishes at home and add a dash of green to your living space at the same time? DesignLibero has come up with the perfect addition to just about any kitchen, a dish … Continue reading

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