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    Awesome Eco-Intelligent Kitchen is a geek’s delight

    This is really an awesome concept for a kitchen. The Eco-Intelligent Kitchen is probably any geek’s delight but will be the cleaning lady’s nightmare. Since I can’t make much of the Chinese script, let me describe this concept to you … Continue reading

  • Tajine 2015, a melting pot of flavors

    I have never been to Morocco, but I have heard a lot about their unique cooking style in the Tajine. Those familiar with the cooking shows on Discovery would have probably come across this delightful pot in one of the … Continue reading

    Triple your toasts with this split toaster

    Browning you bread is no longer a mundane task; you can add fun elements like faces and impression to it. However adding funk to the design of the toaster has never been ventured before. Move over Philips and Braun, designer … Continue reading

    The Brunch Collection, Quirky yet Restrained

    I don’t know much about sun signs but my friends tell me that Virgos are supposed to be the cleanliness freaks and perfectionists. They are allegedly the neurotic types who need to place coasters under glasses and trim wedge off … Continue reading

    Delta Blend Collection for the coffee addicts

    I am far away from Portugal, but apparently there’s a brand called Delta, the first Portuguese brand to lunch coffee in caps just like Nespresso, with 7 different blends and tastes. Delta Q is a collection of designer espresso coffee … Continue reading

    Flama Vitro “Portable Vitroceramic cook top”

    The fast-paced hectic lives of people often leave them with little or no time to indulge in hobbies or passions. I, for instance love cooking, but I hardly get time to indulge in proper meals, because of the tough schedules … Continue reading

    Green Cycler- a futuristic concept for waste disposal

    Kitchen gardens fed with wastes from the kitchen like peels of fruits and vegetable etc. grow into healthy plants and thrive. This is fact that I have tested over the time, so I find it endearing that designer Sang hoon … Continue reading

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