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    Broom and dustpan set with multi options

    Even brooms and dustpans can look very appealing if they are colored and shaped interestingly. Thus is the message proven here. This is Torel, a stylish broom and dustpan set. On one side is the long brush and on the … Continue reading

  • W-Plate: The best tray to serve appetizers

    The biggest problem I usually face when it comes to serving appetizers is that by the end of the first round all the items on the plate tend to get mixed. And the organized plate ends up looking like one … Continue reading

    Tilt knife block from SIDD: Minimalistic yet bold design

    For those who seek design in almost everything, the Tilt knife block by SIDD is a must for you. Adding the lines and angles to your kitchen, this tiny object is another design masterpiece. The minimalistic block designed by Chris … Continue reading

    Polaris Futurka kettle gets stylish and mod

    English tea and the frills attached to it are long forgotten in the modern fast paced world. Attune to the current trends, modernized kettles that let you catch your cuppa on the go are more practical and advisable. The Polaris … Continue reading

    Personalized Chocolate Fondue dish

    It’s the season of indulgence and hopefully all your binging won’t affect your hips (or stomach). Add another sinful delight to your list this Christmas as I present to you the Jakob Wagner Personalized Chocolate Fondue Dish. The cup is … Continue reading

    A Meal Ticket: ceramic dish that presents food artistically

    You may not be able to fit in a burger or a steak onto this dish, but if you’re experimenting with oriental cooking and wish to go the whole nine yards, then this A Meal dish will help. Designed by … Continue reading

    Sunshine Toaster puts spots on your bread

    Dice, a gambler’s favored weapon and a loser’s biggest enemy! From a simple game of Snakes and Ladder to the complicated table games in Las Vegas, the all-important dice can make or break the game for you. How about a … Continue reading

    Nintendo DS now a ceramic Sushi DiSh

    Nintendo gamers are going to love this simple dish because it’s a take on their favorite console the DS. Designed by Jason Lui, it’s a Sushi DiSh that reflects your love for the game. The designer also has paper plates … Continue reading

    Rocking Kitchen Concepts at the Electrolux Kitchen Design Competition

    Competition always brings out the best in you and the Electrolux Kitchen Design Competition brought out the best in three designers, naturally they won the top spot. The ever-pervasive space-crunch probably inspired the winner Marcello Zuffo to come up with … Continue reading

    Broto the perfect greenhouse in your kitchen

    Broto is Spanish for sprouts and this little device has been rightly so called for the plants it nurtures to grow. It’s the perfect kitchen garden where you can fuss over your spices or teas and herbs. Why would you … Continue reading

    Arçelik Divide&Cool modular fridge

    Hectic lifestyles and nuclear families gave birth to modular kitchens. Taking the idea to another level is the modular refrigerator. An alluring concept because its advocates space-saving techniques and technologies. Maximizing on the utility-quotient, the Arçelik Divide&Cool uses four differently … Continue reading

    Back to the Stone Age with the Pebbles Grill

    Pleasant Sunday afternoons always make me nostalgic about the barbeque grills and open tandoor that my family used to indulge in when I was a kid. Things have changed drastically since then; we all have outgrown the need to indulge … Continue reading

    Electrolux Bloom defines a new era in food preservation

    Electrolux seems to understand the needs of today’s modern and fast paced generation and Nathan Kwak essays their ideology in the conceptual Electrolux Bloom. The biggest requirement today has to be that of preserving the essential nutrients of the food. … Continue reading

    Nord results are outstanding

    Nord is a domestic appliance company in Ukraine that had organized an industrial design competition recently. The results are out and they are outstanding. Since there were only two categories in the competition, we have an array of Refrigerators and … Continue reading

    Philips Kitchen scale will help you cook perfect

    The biggest asset in a functional kitchen is the weighing scale that measures out ingredients precisely. There is little room for error, when you are following a particular recipe and you scales and measures are reliable. Serdar Sisman’s Philips Kitchen … Continue reading

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