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    Flora Europa and Flora Exotica concepts by Paul Michel

    A vase full of beautiful flowers always looks beautiful on a dining table. But if you have a small table and not enough space to decorate it with a vase, here is the next best alternative. Concept designs by Paul … Continue reading

  • Yumbrellas by Benjamin Hubert will make your dish yummy

    One thing is for sure, however tasty food you make, presentation matters. To make your dishes look even more delicious, Dutch designer Benjamin Hubert and his design company have created adorable serving dish called Yumbrellas. As the name suggests they … Continue reading

    Modern Water Pitcher is impressive

    If the unique concept Pitch♪er failed to impress you, maybe the Modern water Pitcher will appeal to you. This organic designer pitcher has been designed by Ben Longo for Macy’s and is an addition to their existing “Corso” line. Paper … Continue reading

    Pitch♪er: Concept pitcher by Mac Funamizu

    Mac Funamizu has designed a unique concept pitcher known as Pitch♪er which combines a xylophone with a pitcher. The handle of this concept Pitcher is made of metal and works as the tuning bar. The tone of the tuning bar … Continue reading

    “How to cook eggs”: A design concept by Martijn Boskamp

    Some of us just lack culinary skills. Even frying that occasional omelet is an impossible task. But Dutch designer Martijn Boskamp’s design concept will surely help us get over our cooking woes, at least when it comes to eggs. His … Continue reading

    Cartola is a trash can and not a magical hat

    The first glance at the Cartola will make you feel that it is one of those magical hat from which a white rabbit will pop out. But sadly no rabbit will pop out from this hat, however it will definitely … Continue reading

    E-Pail lunch box and mini cooker

    Electrolux has come up with a solution for your lunch and big-tiffin worries. This is the E-Pail, a mini cooker and lunch box for the traveling you. It has an insulated shell on the top to save the warmth and … Continue reading

    Wooden tableware in a bookset

    Sara Ferrai, has designed a delightful dinnerware that consists of a spiral bound book which also dwells your fork and knife. The book has fourteen fold-out pages with built-in notation system for all kinds of potential purposes, from writing what … Continue reading

    Ceramic vase with integrated kitchen timer by Studio Lama

    If you like ceramic products, here is a useful ceramic item for your kitchen. Israeli designers Studio Lama have created a beautiful ceramic vase that incorporates a kitchen timer. The designers claim that this ceramic vase actualizes “1+1=3” in a … Continue reading

    Orbital Plate by Roni Paslah

    This is one plate I seriously never wish to own. Created by Roni Paslah, the Orbital plate is a concept plate that measures the amount of food consumed in each meal. If you are a foodie like me who loves … Continue reading

    SmartMeasure: Digital measuring cup

    I love to see the creations and ideas of budding designers. The SmartMeasure is one such genius concept designed by Ryan Eder that has impressed me to no end. The SmartMeasure is a digital measuring cup. A great idea, it … Continue reading

    Egg by Vlad Icobet: An all in one food preparation unit

    Romanian designer Vlad Icobet has designed a beautiful design kitchen concept that has got him an entry into the Electrolux DesignLab 2009 contest. His design is known as Egg which is an all in one cooking and food preparation unit … Continue reading

    Stone Age knives for the modern man

    This is the coolest design I have seen, heard or written about. Imagine this dude4’s brains! He is so smart! New York designer Matthias Kaeding designed a pair of ceramic cooking knives inspired by Stone Age tools. As part of … Continue reading

    The Electrolux Volare concept tucks away a modular kitchen in a lighting system

    The future has always fascinated me. So any futuristic gadgets or concepts always manage to take my breath away. The latest futuristic concept to have impressed me is this goes by the name The Electrolux Volare. This Volare is a … Continue reading

    The eccentric Vanity Tidy Bowl by Laurent Massaloux

    For those who seek refuge in vanity, the Vanity Tidy Bowl from French designer Laurent Massaloux is definitely a great buy. An eccentric piece for your dresser, this vanity bowl has been designed on the theme of time, money and … Continue reading

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