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    Adjustable measuring cup goes ‘All-inOne’

    Smart kitchen tools are always award worthy in my opinion. While stacking measuring cups have been around and quite popular, William Kang has gone a step further. He has made this extremely compact adjustable measuring spoon. The adjustable measuring scoop … Continue reading

  • Tea set by Jin Kuramoto looks authentic

    Designer Jin Kuramoto from Japan has created a tea set that is a nice blend of authentic and contemporary. This wooden tea set is very pretty and it looks like its Japanese roots are subtly apparent. It can be stacked, … Continue reading

    Piotr Stramski makes an elegant vase for modern living

    These days, we need to decorate our living spaces with some nice and contemporary objects. This modern vase by Piotr Stramski is very elegant. Your flowers will look extremely pretty sitting in it. Even without any plants or flowers, it … Continue reading

    DROP CUP by Apostol Tnokovski

    Drops of water have inspired many poets to write beautiful poems centered on these droplets. Besides poets, it is designer Apostol Tnokovski who has been inspired by the sight of these droplets. The designer has captured the drops in his … Continue reading

    Aqua Jar by Industrial Design Lab GR

    Industrial design lab GR has introduced a new product called the ‘Aqua Jar’ that converts any plastic bottle into an easy to pour pitcher. Created to fit over the universal coil of any plastic bottle, it stands out as an … Continue reading

    Pureray uses UV rays to sterilize baby bottle

    When there is a baby in your home, aren’t all that you are worried about got to do with the baby? Cleanliness, hygiene, anti-germs, disinfection are at the top of your minds priority during such days, aren’t they? True, that … Continue reading

    Zipper Cup from Molla Space is amazing

    Molla Space has redefined the use and function of zippers with their new product the Zipper Cup. Although the zipper on this cup is solely for design purpose and does not function like an ordinary zipper, it definitely adds a … Continue reading

    A funny milk carafe is sure to make your mornings fun!

    Whether you have lived in a country side or not, every one, as a kid at least must have felt the urge to milk a cow! Whether you have tried it out or not, the all new Heffer Pitcher is … Continue reading

    Feel Nostalgic with Jung Hwa Jin’s Polaroid framed flower vase!

    Can you imagine a planter which recalls the reflective Polaroid? Yes, Polaroid picture. You heard me right. Designer Jung Hwa Jin has created the exclusive ‘Polaroid flower vase’ wherein the plant becomes the focal point of the picture. A small … Continue reading

    Shao-Lun Chao’s portable coffee maker

    Press the beans, brew your coffee and heat it all in the same flask and use it even while you go trekking. This is the all new coffee maker design launched by Shao-Lun Chao that is a one stop shop … Continue reading

    ‘Chopsticks plus one and two’ project by Aissa Logerot

    French designer Aissa Logerot’s project ‘chopsticks plus one and two’ will make our meal time even more eventful. In the first one he has combined a spoon with chopsticks. And in the second one he has combined the chopsticks and … Continue reading

    Mason Planter concept by Joel Alexrod

    The Mason Planter is a unique concept planter that is designed by Joel Alexrod. Still in the process of development, this concept planter is designed to re-purpose Mason canning jars. The Mason Planter is made from ordinary materials like plastic … Continue reading

    Chaac: Water dispenser concept by Alfredo Luiz

    Alfredo Luiz has used his design skills to give beauty and style to an ordinary water dispenser. His creation, the Chaac water dispenser is so beautiful that it is also been selected as one of the finalists for the Whirpool … Continue reading

    Piet indoor stoves will warm your hearts

    Modern homes without a fireplace no longer need to make do with just electric heaters to keep warm. Thanks to Indoor fireplaces, now you can incorporate a fireplace in your home without having to restructure or remodel your home. What … Continue reading

    Napkin Dispenser by Ning Ning Li is designed from napkins

    A Napkin Dispenser is usually designed with open-faced or two sided so it can hold a bunch of napkins that can be retrieved as and when required. There is a range of decorative Napkin Dispensers available in the market but … Continue reading

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