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    Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wood Stove Pizza Oven

    Pizza is a sumptuous treat for everyone. While it’s more convenient to order a box of pizza, it’s way better to make one in your kitchen. After all, you just need a good pizza dough and your favourite ingredients. You … Continue reading

  • How Do I Choose the Right Granite Worktops?

    Granite is among the most popular raw materials for kitchen worktops. Most homeowners prefer granite worktops over the rest for several reasons. First, granite has a natural and impressive look. These worktops are unique as they are available in their … Continue reading

    Some Top Kitchen and Bedroom Hacks that will Make Your Move Easier

    A move entails a lot of work, not just when it comes to sorting through your stuff and packing it, but also making arrangements with utility companies and the like. If you are planning a move, you need to be … Continue reading

    Here’s what the bubble wrap would be like, in glass

    The tangible delights of toying around with bubble wrap has enticed many. It’s not long before we realize how cool it would be to have other surfaces create the popping effect. Though the protective plastic wouldn’t be easily substituted, we … Continue reading

    Panos Velentzas creates salt and pepper grinders inspired by ancient Greek sculptures

    There’s nothing that says “Oh look at me, I’m rich!” than having a bunch of Greek sculptures adorning your living space. However, for those who aren’t particularly fond of blowing away the big bucks and still wish to own a … Continue reading

    Make your morning cuppa’ roar like a V12 with this espresso machine

    And just when you thought nothing gets more potent than an espresso shot, we stumbled across this extremely powerful coffee machine that guarantees to tank you up good! By Espresso Veloce, the V12 espresso machine is just what its name … Continue reading

    Hakan Gürsu’s Flame kettle made from recyclable copper and steel

    If the conventional kettle has lent a dull touch to your bright mornings, here’s just what you probably would need to spice things up a bit, every time you decide to boil a little water! A one-of-a-kind kettle called the … Continue reading

    Novel electric kettle folds horizontally

    Have you ever wished for a cup of warm water while out in the chilly outdoors? You don’t need to carry a flask or a stove anymore to warm water outdoors, thanks to this brilliant innovation by Slovakia-based industrial designer … Continue reading

    Brighten the Heart of Your Home: Five Essential Kitchen Accessories

    There are all manner of kitchen accessories on the market, some of them more useful than others. If you’re looking for some inspiring items that could transform your kitchen, here we take a look at our top five essential kitchen … Continue reading

    Smeg recycles Fiat 500 into a fridge!

    When an automobile giant teams up with a home appliance manufacturer, the two are bound to come up with something interesting, just like the product of these two Italian manufacturers, car-maker Fiat and Smeg, the appliance company. Recently, Smeg turned … Continue reading

    Modern tea infuser inspired by USB sticks

    Tea has long since been termed as one of the most refreshing drinks one can sip on. Known to soothe the nerves and calm those who sip on this beverage, tea is quickly turning into more than just a comfort … Continue reading

    Sogum Huchuhuchu, a smart seasoning shaker shaped like a spoon

    Amateur cooks have known the pain of over-seasoning the food the cook. To assist those who spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen, Korean-based designer Jaemin Jaeminlee came up with the confusingly named Sogum Huchuhuchu, a salt/pepper-shaker that makes … Continue reading

    Safe cooking apparatus for the visually impaired

    The visually impaired have a bunch of problems, getting around their day to day life, performing tasks we usually take for granted. One of these is the task of cooking. Given the fact that cooking involves the use of heated … Continue reading

    Piamo, the next best way to a fresh hot cuppa!

    We all love that occasional dash of caffeine and despite what health reports claim; we still chug down considerable amounts of coffee on a monthly basis. Well, instead of stepping down to the local Starbucks every now and then and … Continue reading

    Teatanic, the sinking tea-bag holder commemorates the Titanic

    It’s been a century since the tragic end of one of history’s most memorable, the Titanic. To honor the 100th anniversary of the tragedy, one cheeky brain came up with this slightly amusing tea-bag holder called the Teatanic. Made from … Continue reading

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