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    The translucent future of the Apple iPad

    In future, devices are bound to go translucent. Up ahead, all we will require to carry around are slabs of glass that will transform into computing devices like tablets and smartphones. Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso gave the world a … Continue reading

  • LA100 UAV hooks on to GoPro cameras for aerial shots

    GoPro cameras are perhaps one of the best ways to capture moments in particularly harsh conditions. French innovator Lehmann Aviation came up with this fantastic way to further expand the boundaries of using the GoPro camera. Called the LA100, this … Continue reading

    The Legacy Edition watch face inspired by the Tron film

    The 2010 Tron: Legacy film inspired loads of designers world over, driving them to create stuff themed around the movie. Alexander Morgan, based in the United Kingdom, has come up with this eye-catching watch face inspired by the Tron film. … Continue reading

    Ballo – The sleek and simple portable smartphone speaker

    Yes, you’ve probably begun shuddering from the overflow of iPhone accessories that have begun flooding the market place. Well, this one’s apart from the rest and is christened the Ballo. In essence a portable speaker for your smartphone, the Ballo … Continue reading

    Jakub Záhor’s concept device turns glass-surfaces into computers

    There are designs that catch our eye from time to time and leave us wishing for the future. One of these is designer Jakub Záhor’s brainchild, a concept that could very well change the realm of computing forever. The designer … Continue reading

    Finger ring concept allows users to make and disconnect calls!

    Mobile phone technology is developing more quickly than ever. Recently, we came across these fabulous fashion accessories, rings that hook up to your smartphone, allowing you to answer calls by making simple hand gestures! Conceptualized by Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro … Continue reading

    Speaker Plugs make your music mobile!

    Portable speakers have been around for a while. However, most of these are a bit too chunky to carry around in reality. While the battery-powered Bluetooth speakers to serve the purpose, conceptual designer Jinseup Ted Shin came up with yet … Continue reading

    The Node device attaches to the iPhone to measure just about anything!

    Measuring tapes, thermometers and just about everything else used to measure stuff could soon turn obsolete, thanks to this fabulous new device by George Yu. Called the Node, this one hooks up to the Apple iPhone and is a three-inch … Continue reading

    Cochlea Speakers look great and sound better

    Home appliances are turning into sculptures of art, particularly entertainment devices like television screens and music systems. Designers Rodolfo Samperio and Sergio Dávila showed off this concept speaker design called the Cochlea Speakers. A hi-fi sound system in essence, these … Continue reading

    Qii, the rollable full-sized QWERTY keyboard!

    Have you ever wished your smartphone had a bigger keyboard you could carry around with ease? Well, the Qii Concept could make all your day-dreams come true. In essence a rollable touch accessory that can be used as a full-sized … Continue reading

    4KTV Is Here – But Won’t Make Waves Until 2017

    According to the latest research from IHS iSuppli, the next generation of TV, 4KTV, doesn’t look set to get anything like a foothold in the market until 2017, and even then it may be a slender one.

    Shockbox Sensor allows coaches to detect player head injuries

    Helmets are meant to protect. However, there are times when the best helmets around fail to keep skulls intact, resulting in severe head injuries. The Shockbox gives modern-day helmets a dash of technology. A simple system that enables helmets to … Continue reading

    Nintendo Wii Mini now available in black and flaming red!

    The Nintendo Wii Mini has just been given an overhaul and is now available in an attractive new color. Packing the same stuff you’d find in a conventional Nintendo Wii Mini, the new color however is eye-catchy and is bound … Continue reading

    Lumawake iPhone dock simulates sunrises

    For the early rises, waking up before the sun bothers to rise isn’t all that easy. Dark chilly mornings are the perfect time to settle back in bed and give your tired body a few extra hours of sleep. For … Continue reading

    Automatic Pancake Maker makes pancakes automatically!

    Pancakes are awesome and there’s certainly no denying that! Behold the Automatic Pancake Maker, a pancake-lover’s dream come true. Conceived for a university project that required the designers to “make something that makes something”, this Automatic Pancake Maker uses computer … Continue reading

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