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    E-Foot Hotel Card won’t let you get lost in big hotels

    The last time I stayed in this huge resort, I had the most harrowing time locating the restaurants and play areas. No offence to the huge sizes, but guest can easily get lost, if they don’t carry the guide maps … Continue reading

  • Altec Lansing Speakers in red and black

    Designer Jinwoo Han has showcased his talents with the Torch Lamp, so much so that it picked up the IDEA Award. This time round he has put up some concepts for Altec Lansing. The speaker set with 2.1ch and sub-woofer … Continue reading

    LED Cellphone concept uses battery for juice AAA

    The two things that govern the choice of a mobile phone; One: its looks Two: it’s battery life The LED Cellphone concept scores ten on ten in both these parameters. Designed by Tao Ma, Yue Meng and Jenny Pan, the … Continue reading

    Mirror Talk reads the fine print loud and clear!

    What do you get when you put five enthusiastic designers in an arena to output an award-winning device? You get the Mirror Talk. Designers Le Li, Long Li, Xiao-Ming Yang, Bing Zhang and Xiang-Fei Ran have conjured up the Mirror … Continue reading

    Embossing Braille Printer will be a boon for the sight-impaired

    Sight is a gift most taken for granted, like you reading this post or me typing it. However being blind is no longer a handicap considering the number of aids propping up for easy survival. If it’s not the Jojo, … Continue reading

    Housekeep system keeps a check on your electricity consumption

    Ever so often I have a showdown with my kids on the ethics of leaving a room. I constantly bicker about switching off lights and fans, or unhooking the power cords and switching off the TV as well. What they … Continue reading

    Sony Walkman MD design assumes many forms

    French designer Jeremie Mallet is young and raring to take the design world by storm. I was exceptionally impressed with his renders for Sony Walkmans. Agreed that in this day and age the concept of MP3 players has assumed the … Continue reading

    Jojo is a smart device that will help the blind navigate

    Sight is such a precious gift that we take for granted; it only takes a moment of mishap to make us realize how special we are. The Jojo by Inga Paukšte-Urb is a navigation device that gives independence to the … Continue reading

    Jacquez Underwater Camera is for taking pictures in the deep sea

    Designer Taryn Zychal has a good grasp at what she wants, thus this Jacquez Camera is a complete solution for taking pictures underwater. Those who have experienced a scuba dive will realize that the water in the reefs may not … Continue reading

    The Pillowcase is a mobile seating concept for anywhere sitting

    Do you get tired standing in queues; of course you do! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a mobile seating option that is easy to lug around yet compact to store? The Pillowcase is actually shaped like a suitcase, … Continue reading

    The digital analog clock concept by Daniel J

    What do you do if you don’t find the perfect alarm clock that takes your fancy? Well, if you are Daniel J, then you just design the ideal one for yourself! The digital analog clock concept uses both the mechanisms … Continue reading

    Fluxio LCD monitor concept for Samsung

    Designer Yopi Djauhari partnered with other designers to come up with this ingenious LCD monitor for Samsung. It was actually submitted at the Samsung design competition and won second place. Imbibing the qualities of beauty and function, the render sees … Continue reading

    The Perfect Clear aids children in grasping studies better

    Designed for the Benesse Corporation, designer Nendo has given them the Perfect Clear. Sounds confusing, right? Well, the Perfect Clear is a device that helps school children learn Chinese character, mathematics, and history. Getting to the basics, apparently children in … Continue reading

    Tatung VoIP Concept Phone displays simplistic beauty

    With the speed of lightning, technical advances have been bombarding us new inventions and innovations. When the iPhone released, it set off a chain reaction where every next phone aped its interface to be reckoned as “happening”. As a wave … Continue reading

    Memory Tank brims with photos to be displayed

    Memories are the fond foundations on which we build our tomorrow. Sweet moments captured in pictures are meant to be shared with loved ones. What do we do if we are the possessive sorts and want to indulge in nostalgia … Continue reading

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