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    Eccentric chair design by Ozgun Culam

    We just stumbled across this marvelous piece of furniture by Ozgun Culam. This seating arrangement, a chair essentially, uses an unconventional design that makes it look unsteady, though with all the engineering thought and designing put into it, that’s exactly … Continue reading

  • D’E-Light, the table lamp that doubles up as a iDevice docking station

    We’ve usually come across iDevice docking devices that double up as speakers and alarm clocks before, though never have we seen a docking device that doubles up as a table lamp! Produced by lighting manufacturer Flos, the D’E-Light was designed … Continue reading

    Work Station design by Pedro Nunez enables computer monitor to be folded in

    To improve productivity at work, it’s vital indeed that your workplace is comfortable. Working in a tightly packed work place that’s highly disorganized doesn’t really do well when it comes to work productivity. Designer Pedro Nunez designed these workstations after … Continue reading

    Sprout table works as a bookmark for your novels

    Losing the page you last left your novel at can be seriously annoying. Which is why, the bookmark was invented! Well, for those who need a lot more out of life than just a paper bookmark to mark the page … Continue reading

    Hugging your potted-plant’s vase

    Planning to fit your vase in a container of its own? Now we aren’t really sure just why you’d choose to do that, unless you’ve just used your now-run-dry bottle of expensively old wine as a vase. But covering it … Continue reading

    Bravo, the tray table that holds your laptop and coffee in bed

    For those who prefer taking their breakfasts and work to bed, Gianluca Di Ioia came up with this amazing tray table design for Italian brand Lamidea. Made from a single sheet of aluminum with a total of four folds, the … Continue reading

    Pearl – Make up table and stool for a Pearly appearance

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all? The answer is Pearl – Make up table and stool designed by Ding3000 from Germany. The designer has got inspired by the appearance of a traditional easel and … Continue reading

    The Cube, unconventional customizable seating arrangement in a box

    Tamara Svonja and Penta have come up with a pretty interesting seating design. This one’s as unconventional as it gets, and starts of as a simple box, called the Cube. Pulling out the sides of the box turns it into … Continue reading

    Going white, A-cero Architects design futuristic home

    For those who prefer their homes not to look like an array, instead sticking to the monochromes, here’s a crib that’s sure to leave you in wide-eyed-wonder. Designed and put up by A-cero Architects in Galicia, Spain, this apartment is … Continue reading

    Ergo stool and table, spindly and ergonomic furniture set to work on

    One thing’s for sure. Furniture doesn’t really need to be all that bulky and hefty anymore. These days, we’ve seen some pretty space saving furniture that doesn’t really compromise on comfort or ergonomics! Here’s a stool and table set that … Continue reading

    Aura Coffee Table and Stool, a step away from traditional coffee-table design

    Coffee tables have usually stuck to the traditional four-legged glass-top design, rarely shifting away from conformist designing to use a single center-positioned leg. The Aura Coffee Table and Stool set however, is a paradigm shift away from the ordinary. Conceptualized, … Continue reading

    Cross Seating, a seat that switches from hard-top to soft-top

    Well if you’re one of those who just can’t seem to decide on what suits your backside better, hard seating or soft cushioned seating, heres the perfect seating arrangement for you! Designed by Daniel Martinez and Jeremy Murie, the Cross … Continue reading

    Swiss army-knife-inspired sofa by Diablo Design

    The iconic Swiss army knife just turned into a fully functional piece of furniture! Designed by Diablo Design, this Swiss army knife-inspire sofa is a pretty neat replica of the real knife, and works as a great place to rest … Continue reading

    Lift-Me-Up helps those in need get out of their seats, with pneumatic springs

    Having problems getting out of your seat? Designers Diablo Design have come up with a brilliant way to help those who find it difficult getting out of their seats do the same, without having to look around for any extra … Continue reading

    V-luxe, vintage-style iPad stand with accessory drawer

    Tablets are slowly taking over a major part of human-technological life and will soon turn into an essential requirement, probably putting the mobile phone and laptop to rest forever. Tablets like the iPad work great for entertainment purposes too, but … Continue reading

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