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    Turnable Wardrobe functions as a valet stand and mirror too!

    A great way to organize your living space, the Turnable Wardrobe design by designer Sebastian Däschle based in Germany combines the functions of a valet stand, a wardrobe as well as a mirror! Manufactured by Germany-based DUA, this unit fits … Continue reading

  • Concept Facebook bed for the sleep-deprived social networker

    If you’re one of those, who spend the better half of their lives on Facebook, here’s the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom! The Facebook bed concept, designed by Tomislav Zvonaric seems to be a pretty great way to … Continue reading

    The Motion bookcase works as a literary seat too!

    Looking for a great way to read a good book while resting your backbone? The Motion seat is the perfect way to do so. Designed by Hyunjin Seo from the Seoul-based design group KamKam, this seat sports enough place for … Continue reading

    Desk Rail helps organize your stationary and desktop gadgets

    Looking for a great way to have all those knick knacks strewn across your table top organized? Pushstart’s Desk Rail should do the trick, using a minimalist design to help you organize your stationary. The Desk Rail enables you to … Continue reading

    Caterpillar chair by Kim Xerock turns into a bed and back!

    So, you’ve always fancied having a chair in your tiny living space, though thanks to space crunches, you’ve simply never managed to bring one home, right? Well, here’s a concept that’s bound to have you jumping with joy! Designed by … Continue reading

    Adjustable DB Fletcher dining table expands as per your requirements

    With the world slowly turning into a smaller place and urban areas swelling with population outburst, living spaces are slowly shrinking in size. And with smaller dwelling places, extravagantly large and pompous furniture isn’t the best way around. Instead, furniture … Continue reading

    Computer screen-integrating work desk by Matthew Swift

    Your desktop at work could now turn a little more organized and uncluttered, if you do decide to use Matthew Swift’s innovative design that is. This design in essence includes a computer that integrates into an office desk. Making it … Continue reading

    Toro desk lamp uses color-changing LEDs

    The table lamps most of us are accustomed to, tend to stick to the usual conformist designs. This desk lamp however, designed by Belgian design studio Remork is a paradigm shift away from any desk-lighting device you might have come … Continue reading

    Tetra Shed modules serve as backyard offices

    Having a place to work at home isn’t all that easy, particularly given the fact that your family members and friends are bound to stumble their way across everything you’ve been working at, making it twice as difficult. This solitary … Continue reading

    Eclipse Office Partition System turns open plan office spaces more private

    An open plan office space is known to spark of free-thinking creativity without the cumbersome cabin stalling though processes. Now designer Marcus Ward Curran has come up with an innovative way to turn spaces in open plan offices private with … Continue reading

    Owl’s Chair amplifies sounds using parabolic-disk-like headrests

    we just came across an astounding piece of furniture that could pretty much help decrease the use of digital sound amplifiers in theaters and cinema halls or at home too! Called the Owl’s Chair, this seating arrangement by Wei Liang … Continue reading

    Putting tires and bricks together, Neels Kattentidt’s showroom design for bow.berlin

    Well usually when you throw a bunch of bricks and loads of tires together, you end up with something looking like a badly kept backyard. However, Berlin-based designer Neels Kattentidt put these materials into better use, and came up with … Continue reading

    Furniture that folds into crates by Naihan Lia

    With urban spaces facing severe space-crunches, everyone’s on the lookout for compact ways to better lifestyles. Take these awesome furniture designs for example. Be it workstations, foosball tables, entertainment centers, wet bars, storage spaces or sleeping units, all of these … Continue reading

    Sound Sleeper will make sure that your infants sleep peacefully while traveling

    Keith Tembo studying in Glasgow has developed a new cabin design for Scotrail’s Caledonian Sleeper train. The main idea is to give passengers more space by providing modular storage and reducing clutter. Keith also made sure that there is sufficient … Continue reading

    Chair and Table designs by Konstantin Achkov put together without adhesives

    Designer Konstantin Achkov seems to have made a point that nails and glue aren’t really required to put furniture together! Take this chair and table design for example. Assembled completely without the use of any form of adhesives, the table … Continue reading

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