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    Summer Cabin, the perfect outdoor play area for your kids

    Kids love the outdoors and more often than not, the overload of technology doesn’t keep them indoors, particularly during pleasant summer days. Now, give your little one’s a better time outdoors with this brightly colored cheerful Summer Cabin by Lana … Continue reading

  • Concept table incorporates Apple insides and Microsoft Surface

    Today, Apple and Microsoft seem to be literally ruling the world of computers and are constantly at war, trying to outdo the other. Illustrator Adam Benton however, thinks these two super-firms could do well by teaming up, and has come … Continue reading

    Steel Coffee Table sports full-fledged tourbillion watch movement!

    Watches and coffee tables have never had much to do with each other before. However, when a conventional coffee table has its simple-looking center leg ripped out to be replaced by a larger-than-life visible tourbillion watch movement you’re bound to … Continue reading

    Cocon concept makes armchairs more comfortable and snuggle-friendly

    If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to snuggle in an armchair, Super Ette’s Cocon concept is bound to leave you well pleased. Basically an upholstered armchair with a unique removable cover, the Cocon concept brings the warmth of … Continue reading

    German designers perform thousands of tests to build the most comfortable R18 Ultra Chair

    When Audi decides to build a concept design, the German automaker makes sure it does it right. In an attempt to build the perfect chair, Audi and a group of other German designers set up an R18 Ultra Chair made … Continue reading

    I’m a Bird concept workspace makes you feel like a caged feathered-friend

    We’ve come across a bunch of personalized work spaces lately, crafted to give you a sound place to work at in cramped up homes and the like. Here’s yet another one that alternatively makes you feel like a caged bird! … Continue reading

    Liquid Glacial concept table brings home an icy touch

    Why settle for conventional wood or metal furniture when you could pretty much bring home a touch of the North Pole instead! By architect Zaha Hadid celebrated for the Guangzhou Opera House and the MAXXI Museum, the Liquid Glacial concept … Continue reading

    Kopperscape- Sculptural airport seating designed by Karim Rashid

    “Kopperscape” is the airport seating for Edmonton International Airport in Canada designed by Karim Rashid. This 2000 square foot sculpture is inspired by Karim’s notion of space, surface and object, all integrated in one organic landscape. The airport seating features … Continue reading

    Stacked Wines created a wine bottle design which allows you share wine with friends in one glassware

    Stacked Wines, a California-based company offers a perfect wine solution for times when you want share things with your friends. Also at venues that don’t permit glass and at picnic, hike, festival, camping trip or boat ride, one can be … Continue reading

    Inflatable Side Table saves space when stored

    Space crunches are soon turning common-place in urban areas around the globe. As homes go smaller by the day, space to store furniture is slowly diminishing. Behold Studio Philippbeisheim’s marvelous creation, the Inflatable Side Table. Just as the name suggests, … Continue reading

    Just Fold It foldable outdoor screen provides privacy al fresco

    Looking for some uninterrupted privacy while out basking in the outdoors? This design by Jordi Lopez Aquilo is bound to grab your attention. Called the Just Fold It concept, this one’s a foldable screen for the outdoors. Easy to deploy, … Continue reading

    Bench Tree straps on to tree trunks

    Trees provide for a great place to chill beneath, helping weary travelers with natural shade, keeping them away from the harsh rays of the sun. This bench concept turns trees into the perfect place to rest beneath. Ideal for the … Continue reading

    Object-O seating solution doubles up as a private cocoon

    The most of us would kill for some privacy in our day to day lives. At home too, finding a private spot to spend some alone-time usually isn’t all that easy, mostly if your kids seem to take your home … Continue reading

    LEGO office makes work-time fun with in-house slide!

    The guys at LEGO sure know how to keep their employees smiling, childishly, though smiling wide nevertheless. The LEGO PMD office in Billund, Denmark, brought fun back in working, and set up a slide for its employees to blow off … Continue reading

    STEP Cat Tower helps your cat exercise and play

    Looking for a better way to give your kitty, who seems to be slowly turning into nothing more than a fur ball, some exercise? This modernistic cat tree is bound to do the job just right! Designed by Jillian Davis, … Continue reading

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