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    Super-human Wood Luck bed protects your from falling debris during earthquakes

    Being crushed in your own abode due to the not-so-appeasing vibes of an earthquake with stuff falling all around you isn’t the best way to meet your maker. And as we’ve all been taught, taking shelter under furniture or in … Continue reading

  • Brandimage designs park-inspired business lounge for Air France

    Airport lounges more often than not are generically built rest-areas that work as an oasis of sorts, particularly for business commuters who spend considerable amounts of time travelling. Air France however decided to step away from the ordinary and had … Continue reading

    Apple Power Mac G4 Tower Crunching Numbers Coffee Table

    The Apple Power Mac G4 when launched in 1999 was Apple’s flagship workstation that came in 400, 450, and 500 Mhz of raw power, pun intended! What happens to these old computers now that we are in 2012 with 12-core … Continue reading

    EQUALIZE multifunctional furniture modules keep your living room looking new

    If you are the types who gets over new things real quick then the Equalize furniture module is made for you. No need to head out and buy new furniture, and try to resell your old one, every time you … Continue reading

    Enjoy trouble free outdoor dining with Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table

    The biggest problem while eating outdoors is the wind blowing your plates away, or making that wine bottle fall on the table causing spillage of some exquisite wine. With the Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table you can stop worrying … Continue reading

    Mama Nenê armchair makes feeding infants easier

    Urban homes today are undeniably cramped up and furniture designers around the globe these days are looking for ways to build pieces with multiple uses, helping save space and maximize functionality. Brazilian designer Vinicius Beltrame’s Mama Nenê armchair for one … Continue reading

    The next generation interactive Table Tennis Table Waldner

    You can despise Apple products but the applications of the technology are unimaginable! We saw the waterproof iPod Nano watch. The Waldner similarly uses Apple’s technology to create a very unique and innovative Ping-Pong table. The table, which features advanced … Continue reading

    The Paragon Gaming Desk is a gamer’s dream come true

    What is a PC gamer or a console gamer looking for when searching for the most comfortable gaming workstation? We know gamers are willing to pay for the best gaming experience. At the same time a gamer is looking to … Continue reading

    JumpSeat takes inspiration from the human spinal cord to save space

    When ZIBA, a design firm, moved into a new office building, almost twice the size of the earlier one, they offered their employees a big luxury, a 200-seat auditorium. Although the space for the auditorium was compact – with narrow … Continue reading

    Lista Office colourful office pods resemble tetris cubes

    Lista Office has been awarded a prestigious Red Dot design award for its Mindport interior furnishing system that overcomes the disadvantage of the open plan office which usually curbs privacy. These pods have around six designs ranging from the “Touch … Continue reading

    Ruby Steels techie Coffee table

    Ruby Steel, an Innovation Design Engineering student at the RCA has designed this concept coffee table that persuades people to read books for their own personal enjoyment. As one sits on this circular table, a screen exhibits textual information about … Continue reading

    Woven workstation enables you to work privately

    Office furniture does not necessarily need to be dull and boring and more often than not, an eye-sore. Designer Bram Vanderbeke hailing from Belgium recently unveiled this fantastic piece of furniture for your office space, christened the Woven. With a … Continue reading

    Solar Powered Info-point juices up your smartphone while you rest

    Staying connected is the need of the hour for us 21st century folk and this concept by Ekaterina Shchetina, Desislava Ivanova and Tsuyoshi Sogabe sculpted for Expo 2015 makes sure you stay online. Called the Solar Powered Info-point, this piece … Continue reading

    Tick concept turns just about any flat board into a table

    Not a lot of people appreciate vintage stuff, given the fact that these have been used before, but for those of us who appreciate the subtle art of recycling, a concept like the Tick is sure genius! By German designer … Continue reading

    Aster urban lounger makes your time outdoors pleasurable

    Spending time outdoors now turns a lot more interesting with Emo Design’s latest, the Aster urban outdoor lounger. Designed for Neri, this one is made from concrete and is the perfect place to settle outdoors with a book or for … Continue reading

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