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    Cocoon 1 provides for personal space at home

    Finding a secluded corner in your crowded and noisy urban apartment isn’t all that easy these days. We’ve just come across a concept that fits right inside your home and gives you that space away from the bustle. Called the … Continue reading

  • The Rosa Poltrona cocoon chair, inspired by the rose

    Finding a silent and comfortable corner in your bustling home isn’t all that easy at times. Well, if you’re looking for the perfect escape from home, at home, this piece of furniture is bound to interest you. In essence an … Continue reading

    Rely-ing on comfort

    Rely is a foldout sleeping domain and a winner of the red dot design concept award. The principle is quite inspiring – to help survivors of a disaster settle efficiently and make them comfortable. It is a capsule that offers … Continue reading

    Calm Space for a calm mind at work

    The joy of a power nap – little compares to its sheer wonderfulness. We have seen designs in the past of nap capsules in the public. Here is another one – a sleeping capsule at the work place. Called Calm … Continue reading

    Rackspace’s new Hyde Park Hayes headquarters breaks trends and goes the creative way!

    Office spaces do not necessarily need to be extremely dull and dreadfully boring. UK-based office design firm Morgan Lovell has just proved the same with its latest design for the new Hayes-based office headquarters for Rackspace. For those unfamiliar with … Continue reading

    Sleep, work, play, read – all on Connect

    If we were to hunt for the top activity we like to indulge in these days, it would be to be buried in one of our communication gadgets like a palm top, notepad, laptop etc or the conventional act of … Continue reading

    Coffee-Table inspired by swimming pools by Freshwest Design

    Well, the best of us have wished for a swimming pool at home. But given the fact that most homes today are perched in the sky atop apartment towers, owning a personal swimming pool isn’t a breeze, unless you pack … Continue reading

    Umberto, the foldable library

    Setting up a library at home these days isn’t all that easy, with us human beings resorting to the use of smaller apartments instead of the lavish adobes used before. However, for those still looking for a quite place to … Continue reading

    Scopohilia red-velvet chair covered in hundreds of plastic eyeballs!

    We’ve never had furniture so eye-catching before, literally. Called the Scopohilia (love of looking), this concept chair by Fiona Roberts is covered with plastic eyeballs. Covered in red velvet with the eyeballs lining the seat and back rest, the chair … Continue reading

    Tree inspired bus shelter is fashionable yet handy

    Taking inspiration from the shade a tree provides, Nicola D’Alessandro has designed a great bus shelter than not only gives shade to people but also looks good. The shelter’s board is wedged onto a metal skeleton and adding more panels … Continue reading

    Kenchikukagu furniture enables you to sleep, work and dine!

    With urban living spaces turning more compact by the day, Japanese company Atelier OPA came up with this spectacular design for home-furniture. A simple contraption that can be used as a work-space, rest area and a dining area, the Kenchikukagu … Continue reading

    First class experience in the economy cabin with the AirGo seats

    Although air travel costs have reduced tremendously in recent years, the First Class costs for a ticket are still right up there. This means that the fastest mode of travel is also one of the most uncomfortable one if you … Continue reading

    21 Balançoires musical swings are interactive, playful and artistically sound

    If you listen closely, the world makes music just about everywhere. Drawing inspiration from the sounds around us, this amazing installation makes use of 21 musical swings, each playing a different note. Also, using all of these together creates a … Continue reading

    MOBI Mobile Bar by Urszula Tarasiuk is a full-fledged portable watering hole

    Bars usually turn into the center of most parties, and having one to dish out drinks to your guests is more essential than you’d probably think. More often than not, the success of a party depends on a well managed … Continue reading

    Growth Table functions as an art-workstation for children of all ages

    Art isn’t restricted to age. And this design we came across recently simply promotes creativity in children. Called the Growth Table, this one made from marine plywood, Douglas fir, glass and rubber works for children of all ages and is … Continue reading

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