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    The office desk that converts into a bed!

    Yes, we’ve all faced one of those times when we’ve earnestly wished to simply curl up below our office desks and fall asleep. Designer Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL came up with this concept that most employers wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

  • HealthSpot Station enables doctors to treat patients with video-conferencing!

    As the world slowly realizes the true importance of space, everything around us has begun down-sizing, including doctors’ clinics. Recently, we came across this compact clinic called the HealthSpot Station. Described as a “elehealth system that patients can use for … Continue reading

    The Onion Pinch, a recreational art installation

    Two architects, Caterina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte, decided to come up with a one-of-a-kind art installation that addressed the idea of recycling and gave visitors a recreational spot. After putting their brains together at the drawing board, Tiazzoldi and … Continue reading

    E-board – The adaptable ironing board

    Using an ironing board isn’t a woe-free task and at times, ironing clothes, particularly trousers and shirts, turns into a nightmare. Mohsen Jafari Malek’s concept, the E-Board, is a solution that’s bound to catch on quickly. In essence an ironing … Continue reading

    Stefan Nosko’s Build Me Up bookcase replicates the developing urban world

    The urban world would be a better place if we ever stopped building it. Inspired by the incessantly developing cities around us and the humongous structures sprouting out of the ground that we live and work in, designer Štefan Nosko … Continue reading

    The eye-catching Touch Table integrates a touch display

    It’s safe to say that touch-technology has scaled new heights. These days, touch displays have quickly taken the market by storm and are quickly evolving for the better. Designer Milan Kazarka from Slovakia showcased this revolutionary piece of furniture that … Continue reading

    Table and bench with thermographic finishes allow you to “leave your mark”!

    You know what they say about leaving a mark? Well, this table and bench designed by Jay Watson of Oxfordshire literally allow you to do so! Sporting a thermographic finish, this furniture set reacts to heat and temporarily leaves the … Continue reading

    The Barcode Room designed by Studio 01 transforms with movable walls

    Bar-codes ain’t that hard to decipher after all! Tokyo based Studio 01 including designers Alex Knezo and Akinori Hamada recently won a studio apartment design contest for this out-of-the-box living space. Inspired by bar-codes, this apartment can be transformed into … Continue reading

    The Goes All In: Custom Poker Table uses 15 species of exotic wood

    Poker tables don’t necessarily need to be drab. Designer Axel Yberg has given the conventional poker table a dash of sheer awesomeness. Designed for Akke Functional Art, the Goes All In: Custom Poker Table is a concept that shows the … Continue reading

    Illuminated park benches created by Ivan Navarro and Courtney Smith

    Park benches don’t need to stay terribly boring anymore. Chilean artist Ivan Navarro has recently coming up with a stunning design that gives the conventional bench a dash of awesomeness. With help from French sculptor Courtney Smith, Navarro came up … Continue reading

    Heat Reflection Canopy uses no electricity to warm your patio

    Patio heaters are quickly showing up on wishlists and designer Russ Zoran decided to come up with a fantastic way to add one of these to your outdoors, without having to compromise on the aesthetic beauty of your landscaping. Called … Continue reading

    The Flip Coffee Cup Chair/Table is a cheerful start to an early morning!

    Looking for the perfect place to seat your tired frame on a particularly early morning as you sip your refreshing hot brew? Daisuke Motogi Architecture has come up with this fantastic new chair that gives your mornings an amusing touch … Continue reading

    Isle Lounge, the saucer-shaped carbon fiber lounge seat!

    Ever wished you could step into a larger-than-life saucer and just lay back? Well, designer Janez Mesarič’s latest design literally enables you to do so! A saucer-shaped lounge furniture concept, the Isle Lounge is as unconventional and out-worldly as it … Continue reading

    Mobi Chair, the mobile seating arrangement for laptop users

    We’ve just come across a fantastically unconventional yet highly practical concept put together by designer Siddhartha Srivastava. Called the Mobi Chair, this one works as a mobile seat for users looking for a place to sit while working on laptops. … Continue reading

    Cocoon Bedroom, a bed with a bathroom attached!

    Ever wished the distance between your bed and your shower was lesser? i29 Architects has recently come up with this fantastic design build keeping romance and practicality in mind. The concept is a cocoon cube that nestles a comfortable bed … Continue reading

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