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    Wooden dog house

    If you have a doggy at home, then you can maybe get this one for him. This isn’t a typical dog house, it is one hell of a dog house! It is made of wood (duh!) and it looks a … Continue reading

  • Light Carpet by Imu Design

    For those who wish to bathe their living space in a unique glow, the Light Carpet from Imu Design is definitely for you. Designed by Johanna Hyrkas, this lighting piece will surely take your breath away. Aptly named, this glowing … Continue reading

    Collapsible Coat Rack by Vandasye

    This coat rack is of the simple project covered by vandasye, a vienna-based design studio founded by georg schnitzer and peter umgeher. It is a collapsible design made with polyamide, pickled pine, and aluminum. The design seems to be very … Continue reading

    Kate Rider’s Dish-shaped Mariposa Chair

    Ebony meets Ivory in the design by Kate Rider, a recent graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. He tries to amalgamate the feminine craft of laces and the metallic masculinity in his new design of a chair. … Continue reading

    Single Line Furniture concept

    Here is a unique furniture design concept. A designer from Tokyo, Japan who refers to himself as Yuppie Hippy has come up with this unusual yet interesting concept of single line furniture. The concept has been designed for an architecture … Continue reading

    Inflatable furniture where you’d just want to sink in!

    This sure does look yummy apart from looking like a kids’ inflatable jumping play area. Well it is that but it is not also! Having won the 5th prize in the International Design Award, this concept has appealed to many, … Continue reading

    A light and sturdy bed by Trellis

    A dream bed! At last Trellis brings us a dream bed which is as light as a chair. Hard to believe, but true. As there are no tools on it, shear-minimizing lap joints and tension cables create a strong frame … Continue reading

    Fakiro bench can create 3D graphics and personalized images

    This bench Fakiro is ideal for waiting rooms and showrooms and is inspired from a popular children’s toy. The customer can create his own design and change it whenever he wants as it is composed by many polyurethane nails with … Continue reading

    Strukt Design Studio creates unique digital wallpaper

    Want your wallpaper to stand apart? Well, so did an office in Vienna. And stand apart their wallpaper did. Strukt Design Studio has created a unique digital wallpaper for the office space using only a wall and digital projectors. The … Continue reading

    Kamat & Rozario design Bookshelves that also work as Room dividers

    Indian Architecture Kamat & Rozario have come with a unique set of concrete bookshelves which is also an inexpensive divider that can separate one room in two distinctive spaces. So you longer need to divide your room with those boring … Continue reading

    The Bone Lounge concept is unique

    Concept designs never cease to appeal to me. The Bone Lounge concept is one such unique design concept that has impressed me to no end. The brainchild of industrial designer Dima Loginoff, it shows how even the most ordinary objects … Continue reading

    Dining and work table – two in one

    I want this table! It is the most amazing piece of office furniture design I have seen! Designed by Emili Manrique, this is a transformable dinner table cum work desk. On the surface it looks like any normal table, but … Continue reading

    Cactus Designers designs funky wall-mounted bar

    Home interiors! Love them! This design by Cactus Designers of a home bar is what is just stunning! The company, a Lyon-based collective of French freelance designers created by Marc Salagnac and Quentin Hueber, used a wall-mounted design. You wouldn’t … Continue reading

    ‘Emanuelle is Shy’ is a rattan chair

    ‘Emanuelle is Shy’ is the title for this special chair designed by Emilie Voirin from France. As the chair has an odd protruding canopy over the sitter’s head, it gives an impression that the sitter wants to hide her face … Continue reading

    ‘Romeo & Juliet’ benches

    The design of this bench is not very unique, just long square strips of wood, but the two holes on the benches to put up large flowerpots or small trees adds a touch of greenery. The bench derived its name … Continue reading

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